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I’ll take my Netflix To Go, Please!

I'll Take my netflix

5.5 years ago when our strapping young man was but a wee toddler, Netflix was more portable than a DVD player, but only as portable as your data plan or wifi signal. Our little man was not a happy traveler once we passed the 2 hour mark in the car – and since both Grandmas lived farther away than 2 hours, ... Read More »

Non-toxic All-Purpose Cleaner


So I first shared this with you about 5 years ago when I discovered it, and I have been using it every day since, so I figured it was worth a second post.  I love finding cleaning products that don’t contain strong chemicals, and that are safe to use around our four kids.  Vinegar has long been used in homemade ... Read More »

EASIEST Oven Fries (and healthy too!)


I am all for food that tastes good, is easy to make, and is HEALTHY. We like to make our own oven fries, and so we came up with a way to make them all of the above. It’s so simple, and it’s good.  Disclaimer: there are lots of yummy, labour-intensive ways to make oven fries, including soaking the potatoes, tossing ... Read More »

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