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Earache Remedy

Earache remedy

When I was little, I used to suffer from frequent ear infections. I have vague memories of lying on the couch watching little bits of the Sound of Music or Anne of Green Gables while in extreme pain. They went away after age 8 or so, but I still get one every few years, and the pain is still so ... Read More »

How I Epically Failed the #RenewLife 30 Day Challenge… and Why that Failure is Helping Me Kick Off a Great 2018

Renew Life 30 Day Challenge #Probiotics #RenewLife

When I opened a package from Renew Life last month in October, I didn’t expect my husband to be so excited about the contents of the package – namely, a bottle of Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 billion probiotic pills.  You see, at the end of the first week of school way back in September, our two darling children ... Read More »

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