Reusable Containers at Bulk Barn – No More Plastic!

I have been hearing more and more about the dangerous long-term effects of plastic in our world. We are so quick to buy plastic, use it, and throw it out, without a second thought. But that plastic never really goes away. It will never completely break down. And if we don’t each make a conscious effort to reduce our individual plastic consumption, things will continue to get worse and worse.  That’s why I was so excited to hear about Bulk Barn’s reusable container program!

The idea of buying things in bulk is great, because you don’t get the big packaging that comes with the items, and you can get things at a slightly cheaper price. But you still end up with piles of these clear plastic bags – an issue that needs to be addressed. So Bulk Barn introduced their reusable containers this past weekend. Goodbye plastic bags – hello ZERO WASTE!

How it works:

You need to bring in your own clean glass container, and the cashier will inspect it and weigh it. They write the weight on a sticker and put it on your lid.  You then go fill your jar with exactly as much as you need (no more guessing!) and when they weigh it again, they subtract the original weight of the jar. EASY, right?


I have done it twice now and have had no problems. The only thing that I could see to be an issue might be lineups. If the store is busy, you would be waiting in line twice – once to get them weighed, and once to pay. So I would suggest going during not so busy times, if you can.


Let me know if you’ve tried it, and what you think!

For more details, head to their website –

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