Kid Crafts

Grade 1 Hand Art


I’m pretty excited to be teaching art again this year. I haven’t taught it for a number of years, and it’s a subject I really enjoy. I love coming up with an idea and seeing what the students can do with it! Our first project was based on the Back-to-School Hand Art I did with the Grade 8 students about ... Read More »

Easy Easter Craft: The Hatching Chick

Hatching Easter Eggs: An Easy Easter Craft

Far too often in day to day life these days I find myself planning to do a craft with the kids, but then real life takes over and it doesn’t happen. The church needs to be cleaned, supper needs to be prepped, H-Man needs to be walked to school, we’re having a play date with friend, we need to get groceries, ... Read More »

Alligator Popsicle Stick Puppet

Popsicle Stick Puppets

One of the many benefits to our family membership at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton/Burlington is the crafts table. Every week, the team at the RBG puts out a new craft for visitors to do – they make a few examples, post the instructions, pre-cut the pieces, and leave all the supplies nicely organized for little hands.  The current ... Read More »

Preschool Christmas Crafts: Paper Plate Santa

Preschool Christmas Crafts: Paper Plate Santa

We haven’t done a lot of crafts lately on the blog, but this one is easy to prepare, easy for the little kids to make by themselves, and easy to clean up – I’d say that completes the “Perfect Craft” trifecta of preschool Christmas crafts, wouldn’t you?  What you need: 1 paper plate per child pink tissue paper cotton balls ... Read More »

Easy Snowman Craft from Alphabet Blocks

featured snowman

Guys – this alphabet block snowman is one of my favourite Christmas Crafts yet, and best of all, it’s also an incredibly easy Christmas craft!  We have a lot of these wooden alphabet blocks floating around the house, and last year, we thought we’d try to put some of them to good use. It’s a fun craft for the kids ... Read More »

Boredom Buster: Old Electronics “Repair”

Old electronics repair

Kids always love to “fix” things – toy hammers, wrenches and screwdrivers are a staple of toddler play. So a great way to extend that play is to work with old electronics! Kids always wonder how things work, or what is inside. Old clock radios, stereos, phones, and even electronic toys are great to work with.  All you need is ... Read More »

Boredom Buster: Wood Scraps

Boredom Buster - wood scraps

I have memories as a kid, of sitting on the cold, saw-dusty cement basement floor of my dad’s workshop. He would be working on some project, and my brother and I would be playing with scraps.  We would sand, hammer, and paint our creations, and most of the time, they would become a “boat.” I’m not sure why they always ... Read More »

Advice Book for Teacher Having a Baby

Advice book for a teacher

For the past few years, I’ve been teaching “planning time coverage” for primary grades. That usually means music, drama, gym, and whatever else needs to be covered.  One of the Kindergarten classes I teach in has a teacher who is about to go on maternity leave, and going to have a baby boy. The co-teacher and I wanted to do ... Read More »

Crumple Art – a Quick and Easy Art Lesson

Crumple Art

All the kids that I teach LOVE to doodle. They doodle all over their workbooks, their desks, and even themselves!  I also loved doodling in school, and I found it easier to focus while doodling. That’s why this Crumple Art lesson is so versatile!  It’s an activity that can either be for one easy, pre-planned lesson, or it could be ... Read More »

Scientific Fun with Netflix #Streamteam


Our boys are not quite old enough for Science Fair. Our oldest will be doing it next year at his school, and he can’t wait! As parents, however, we’re not as excited, since a lot of the work gets done at home…and that means homework for Mom & Dad!   All our boys have always been fascinated by science, and ... Read More »