4 Tips to Simplify Birthday Traditions #StreamTeam

 Birthdays with Netflix

The birthdays of our children can be a pretty stressful time. The kids get invited to Princess Parties at local castles, jumping parties at giant trampoline parks, soccer parties at indoor sports complexes. Pinterest tells us that birthday parties at home need to consist of elaborate cakes and decorations and organized games, and these days you need to count on hosting parents in addition  to a gaggle of rowdy kiddos hopped up on sugar. 

On top of all of the birthday party madness, there’s a pressure to make a four course breakfast complete with teddy bear pancakes and strawberries carved into hearts, buy hundreds of dollars of presents, and have a day full of special treats and lunching our. 

Seriously, folks, who has the time or money to be weighed down with those expectations? Now, I’m not saying ignore their birthday and treat it like any other day, but most kids are pretty easily satisfied with simple birthday traditions!

We have a few of those such birthday traditions in our house:

1) Eggo waffles with fresh fruit and real whipped cream for breakfast. (Homemade are delicious, but for a special day like a birthday, only Eggos will do!)
2) The birthday person gets a helium-filled foil balloon. This began when our oldest turned a year old. What do you get a one year old who doesn’t want for anything? A balloon, of course! 
3) The birthday lasts as long as the birthday cake – that means that the candles get lit and the song gets sung every day until the cake is gone! (Have you every tried re-lighting candles with your kids? What a fun surprise if they’ve never seen them before!) 
4) Bring out the birthday presents after breakfast so it’s almost like Christmas morning. 

None of these three things are what one might call exciting or extravagant, but these are the most anticipated aspects of birthdays in our house!  

birthday (2)

This year, though, we had an extra special addition to the birthday morning…. 

 Curious about whether or not your birthday boy/girl’s favourite characters are around to serenade on their special day? Check out Netflix.com/birthdays to see what’s available in your area! 

Netflix Birthdays

 Drop the stress. Add a few anxiety-free traditions to your household birthdays! 

birthday (3)

Disclaimer: We’re part of the Netflix StreamTeam! We receive special packages from them now and again with fun treats in exchange for posting now and again about how we use Netflix in our family life. All opinions are our own!

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