Earache Remedy

When I was little, I used to suffer from frequent ear infections. I have vague memories of lying on the couch watching little bits of the Sound of Music or Anne of Green Gables while in extreme pain. They went away after age 8 or so, but I still get one every few years, and the pain is still so bad. Once I had one on a flight home from New York. The pressure changes during takeoff and landing made the pain in my ear so extreme, that I didn’t know what to do. Eventually it went away, but it was about 30 minutes of some of the worst pain of my life.

One earache remedy someone suggested to me over the years is heat/steam. A great way to get targeted steam/heat into your ear is with a mug and a washcloth. So simple!

Earache remedy

1. Fill the mug about halfway with water. Put it in the microwave for about 45 seconds.

2. Stuff the washcloth into the mug, making sure it absorbs all the liquid (you don’t want boiling water swishing around by your ear).

3. Take the mug and hold your head/ear right up against it, creating a bit of a seal, allowing the heat to go right into your ear.

Take the mug off every few minutes to avoid over-heating your ear.  Be very careful not to burn yourself, and don’t try this with smaller children, who may hurt themselves if they squirm/wiggle around.

And if symptoms persist, or get suddenly worse, please make sure to always  see a doctor. This isn’t a cure, but provides relief from the pain.

Do you have a tried and true earache remedy? We’d love to hear about it! And for more ideas, check out our original post on earache remedies – lots of great ideas!

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