Hot Chocolate in a Slow Cooker – so EASY!


About two weeks ago, my 11-year old son came home and said, “We’re doing a unit on camping in French class, and I told my teacher the whole class could come here for a bonfire! Is that okay?” Uh… of course it is… So my one day off of the week turned into a day of hosting 25 Grade 5/6 ... Read More »

Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe: Just Chocolate + Milk

2 Ingredient Hot Chocolate Recipe

My kids love hot chocolate. Like, a LOT. It probably has something to do with the fact that we have 2 things in the house that they get in their cups: 1) Water 2) Milk.  Juice is for Grandma’s house or picnics. Pop (soda) is…pretty much only present once a year at the extended family Christmas celebration.  So when I tell ... Read More »

Green Pineapple Smoothie with Cashews (Why are Cashews Good for You?)

Green Pineapple Cashew Smoothie - Easy Healthy Breakfast Idea

I know. Cashews in smoothies? WEIRD. Except, not weird! When you’ve got a power blender, the cashews get blended right in with everything and there’s no grains left at ALL! Besides adding just a hint of a pleasant nuttiness, cashews are really good for you and make a healthy breakfast even better for your heart and bones! WHY are cashews good for you? By ... Read More »

Easy Chocolate Orange Pie & Apple Pie Martini #LMDConnector


You know, when I was growing up, it was cold enough outside to skate on the bay before Christmas, and there was always enough snow on the ground to go tobogganing during the Christmas holidays. Sadly, that’s almost never the case anymore.  But. We’d all get all bundled up in our gear and wrap our knit scarves around our necks ... Read More »

Peach Sangria Blanco


So, last week, just as we were packing up the van to leave for the cottage, our Ninja Purolator Delivery Lady came by with a giant box.  I’m used to this. Well, I’m not used to actually seeing the Purolator lady – she typically manages to drive up, pull out the boxes, leave them on the front porch, and get ... Read More »

A Taste of Summer: Mint Lemonade Slushie


So how ’bout that weather here in Southern Ontario this month?  If there’s one adage that I’ve learned to be true this month, It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!  Now thankfully, my mom and my sister and I left the province for the East Coast near the beginning of the recent heat-wave, and returned to gorgeous – can I ... Read More »

Oral Rehydration Solution (Homemade Pedialyte/Electrolyte Subsitute)


 Over (Canadian) Thanksgiving, our whole family (well, except for the 2 month old infant, thankfully!) caught the stomach flu – or gastroenteritis.  Blech.  The only thing worse than spending the day throwing up (and other things) is having to watch your almost 2-year old get sick all over himself – it’s such a traumatic and scary event for the little ... Read More »

Pumpkin Spice Latte


MR – With the cooler season coming up, I always love anything that is warm and smells like Christmas.  I’ve never been a big fan of pumpkin pie, but I do enjoy a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.  But really – spending that much money on a drink?!  And, as usual, Pinterest to the rescue!  I found this recipe and it ... Read More »

Homemade Gingerbread Spice Latte


I don’t claim to be a coffee expert by any means, but I do enjoy a latte or flavoured coffee (mmm…Starbucks).  But they are expensive!  I saw this pin for a homemade Gingerbread Latte.  It looked easy enough, and I had all the ingredients on hand. The first thing you do is make a syrup using molasses, brown sugar, and ... Read More »