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Headshot Jennifer vanOosten (also known as Jenn, Jenny, or Niffer) lives in Hamilton, Ontario, with her husband, two children, and neurotic Schnauzer named Isabelle. She loves to read and is one of the founding members of the Wine & Cheesy Book Club. She has spent chunks of time living in B.C., England, and Japan, but finds that there really is no place like home – where the summers get hot, the winters get cold, the springs are rainy, and so are the autumns – but all of that is pretty perfect weather in her opinion.

As a mom of 2 under 4 and babysitter of several other Littles, Jenn constantly turns to Pinterest for inspiration for crafts and recipes to make with the kiddos. She’s a pretty firm believer that a good time can be had pretty easily without a million battery-operated toys.

Jenn is a huge fan of buying nice things and eating delicious foods, but she’s also against spending a lot to do either of those activities, so she has learned how to shop for the best deals and make scrumptious (but easy) meals for herself and her family.

Known amongst her IRL circles as “the person to ask” about -well, pretty much anything- Jenn has decided to foray into the world of online social media marketing – and is having a blast with it. Outside of You Pinspire Me, she is currently a Rogers Tech Ambassador, and is looking forward to some fun activities with Honda Canada

Last, but not least, she’s pretty much addicted to Netflix. Suits, House of Cards, Kitchen Nightmares (UK), Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife, The Bletchley Circle… If you need advice on what to watch next, just give her a shout!