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Healthy Spinach Dip #GayLeaMom

Healthy Spinach Dip

You may have noticed my trend of healthier living lately.  Between increasing my water intake, and drastically increasing my activity level, I’ve been making better lifestyle choices all around.   So when I had the chance to come up with a recipe using Nordica Cottage Cheese, I was very excited. I love spinach dips whenever I go to a party, ... Read More »

Gluten Free Crepes that Look, Act, and Taste like the Real Deal!

featured gluten-free-crepes

I’ve been going through wheat-free breakfast recipes lately to try to figure out other options for my favourite meal of the day – options that don’t make me regret what I ate when I step on the scale later that day. One of my favourite breakfast dishes is pancakes, and one of my favourite pancakes is a crepe. Naturally, I ... Read More »

Lazy Lasagna

I love lasagna – I love the layers of meat sauce, the copious amounts of cheese in various forms, and the noodles. What I don’t love is how long it takes me to prepare it. I know, it’s not nearly as finicky as things like cannelloni, but you can’t deny that it takes time.  Yesterday, since I was leaving in the late ... Read More »

GF Churros with GF Bisquick #LMDConnector

Featured Churros_Gluten_Free_Drinking_Chocolate

10 years ago this semester, I was studying in Oxford, England, on an exchange program. 10 years ago this week, I was on ‘reading’ break in Alicante, Spain. It was wonderful and amazing. We did a great many things there, like climb palm trees and walk along the Costa Blanca for 6 hours, but one of my favourite things that ... Read More »

GF {& Paleo} Snickerdoodles #LMDConnector


I seem to be fairly alone in this opinion, but I’ve never been impressed by Snickerdoodles. The first time I heard that someone made Snickerdoodles for a cookie exchange, I was really excited. I was conjuring up images of melted chocolate, gooey caramel, crunchy peanuts. What I actually ate was a fairly plain flour cookie with cinnamon seasoning on top. Huh. Not ... Read More »

#MeatlessMonday {GF} Falafel Casserole


I knew as soon as I got up yesterday morning what I wanted to make for #MeatlessMonday’s dinner: a falafel casserole.  Falafels are easiest eaten in a pita wrap, but A) we didn’t have pitas and B) I’m still trying my best to make suppers that don’t depend on simple carbs for their form or structure. Now, the problem was ... Read More »

{GF} Spicy Sausage Cocktail Meatballs


I made these meatballs this weekend for a babyshower. Come to think of it, it probably wasn’t the best option to make, since the new mother as well as the host of the shower don’t eat pork and, well, these are pork meatballs, but that just meant there were more for the rest of us. There’s going to be a theme ... Read More »

{GF} Pumpkin Rice Krispies Treats


We did some last-minute Halloween treats today – Pumpkin / Jack-o-Lantern Rice Krispies Treats!  My little man is not yet 3, but I’m doing my best to get him helping me in the kitchen with something almost every day. He doesn’t do a lot yet – dumps measuring cup-fulls of ingredients into the mixing bowls, helps me stir things together, ... Read More »