Holiday Sanity Savers with GLAD #GLADfortheholidays

I have posted many times before that this is my absolute favourite time of year. I have also talked about how it is important to slow down and enjoy the time, rather than getting caught up in the “stress” that seems to appear this time of year. We see it all around  - “only 4 weeks to Christmas.” “Are you READY?” Or lists of 50 “must-do” kid activities to make “the most magical Christmas.” We need to step back from all of that. Accept that it is okay not to have the “perfect” house or tree. Our kids will remember the family time, the activities, and the love.

GLAD has a line of holiday-themed products, which can really help simplify your holiday  preparations. Aside from being absolutely adorable,  they are so functional and practical!

GLAD Sanity Savers

Here are a few ways to save your sanity this Christmas!

1. Choose one or two cookie/square recipes that work, and make LOTS. 

I have a Chocolate Crinkle Cookie recipe that is always a hit at cookie exchanges and parties. So I made a quadruple batch of it. I put some in freezer containers, perfect to pull out for last-minute company or a hostess gift! I took some along for a family get-together. The containers were so festive-looking that we could serve them right from the dish! I sent some in a Freezer Zipper Bag to a local breakfast program, which always needs donations of homemade treats!


 2. Simple is always better!

One item we always love to make is Chocolate-Covered Oranges. Again, we go with simplicity. Melt a cup of chocolate chips in the microwave, peel some clementines, and dip them! Let them cool a few hours and you have a simple, yet gorgeous treat! They are somewhat  healthy  not entirely unhealthy, they travel well, and everyone loves them!




 3. Focus on a few family traditions, and make them a big deal.

Kids don’t remember every little thing they get for Christmas, but they do remember the time spent together as a family! Whether it is decorating sugar cookies, making gingerbread houses, or making cinnamon rolls together, baking as a family brings you closer together! It takes a little extra patience sometimes, but is definitely worth the effort! And your finished products can be served from these lovely GLAD storage containers!


Keeping with that theme of simplicity, we brought a SUPER easy dessert along for our family get-together! It traveled well, looked great, and tasted wonderful! Here it is: 

Easiest Trifle Ever

1. Bake one chocolate cake in a rectangular pan, according to instructions on box.

2. Allow it to cool. Break into bite-sized pieces. If you are travelling, place the pieces in a GLAD zipper freezer bag for easy transporting.


3. Prepare 1 package chocolate pudding. 

4. While pudding is chilling, prepare one package Dream Whip or other whipped topping.

5. In a large bowl, combine one layer of cake, 1/3 of the pudding, 1/3 of the whipped cream, then continue the layers, finishing with whipped cream. You may add a layer of cherry pie filling for extra flavour! Basically just dump all ingredients into the bowl, and enjoy!

 This dessert was SO good that I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture of the finished product – it went that quickly! But you can just imagine layers of creamy chocolate pudding, whipped cream, and soft chocolate cake.

Keep an eye out for these products while you are out Christmas shopping. Also find “Tis the Season for Sharing,” a pamphlet with some great recipes and coupons! 

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  1. Fun!
    Thanks for the reminder about the chocolate covered oranges. I just bought a case of clementines at the store today. I’ll have to make some!

  2. Thinking about picking up some clementines today; thanks for sharing the chocolate dipped oranges idea!

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