Exciting New Flavour From KFC #SweetChiliCrunch


Want to hear what top secret adventure I have been up to this past week? I had a chance to join several other bloggers at the test kitchen for KFC Canada, where all the recipes are developed and tested.  We were brought there (hush, hush) to hear about the history of KFC, and more importantly, to learn about their brand new ... Read More »

Capturing Summer Memories #KinderMom


 Even though people have been complaining about this supposedly “cold” summer, we have absolutely loved it in this house! Fresh air, cool breeze, bright sunshine, and crisp evenings perfect for sleeping! We’ve had a blast this summer.  Lots of trips to the beach, a family picnic, camping with family, visiting family,  a trip to Medieval Times, a trip to Marineland, ... Read More »

Local Summer Fun #KinderMom


We really believe in letting our kids amuse themselves as much as possible, to encourage and celebrate playtime everyday. And when it comes to vacation ideas, we don’t tend to do big trips or expensive places.  We find all the fun local activities that we haven’t had time to do all year long, and do them into two months in the summer.  So I thought ... Read More »

Mom’s Night In with Netflix #StreamTeam


You know how everyone always talks about a Girls Night Out? These days I’m finding that I am so exhausted at the end of the day that a night out sounds like way too much work! And so, Netflix to the rescue! Time for a Mom’s Night In! Tuck the kids into bed (hopefully they’ll stay there), send the husband out ... Read More »

Pinspiration MIA

Featured Arm bandage

You may have noticed a distinct absence of posting on our blog last week. If you follow us on Facebook, you will have seen that my sister, Marya, pretty much shattered her wrist while skating with her kids. Such a simple & straightforward activity. A mis-step to avoid a collision with her son on the ice, and bam. There goes ... Read More »

Four Superheroes and a Pretty Princess


So being the only girl in our house (not counting the dog), it tends to be a loud, busy house.  Four boys wrestling, running, jumping, and being superheroes.  Somewhere along the line, though, these wonderful superheroes have taken to calling me a “Pretty Princess.”  I often get “Thank you, Your Majesty,” or “This supper is delicious, You Royal Highness.”  Anytime ... Read More »