Win a $65 val March Break Crafting Box from Grand & Toy! #GrandMarchBreak

Hey friends! Happy March Break! 

If you log in to Facebook today, your news feed might just look a little like mine – everyone else seems to be arriving in sunny Florida for a week of warmth & relaxation. I admit, I’m a wee bit jealous of them, but it’s not a trip that we can make this year. Maybe sometime in the next few years – who knows? 

Instagram Photo Challenge #GrandMarchBreak

At any rate, we’re at home for March break and the weather outlook this week isn’t looking too bad – mild and a little wet, just like it should be in March. We’ll spend some time outside together, we’ll go to Disney on Ice, we might even go watch a movie in the theatres (what a treat!) – but we’ll definitely be doing some crafting. 

Grand & Toy  sent us a March Break survival kit a few days ago and still, as a grown up, fresh construction paper and a box of new markers still excites me. There’s a certain smell that new stationary products have that gives me that excited flutter in my stomach - yes, ok, I am and always have been a nerd. One of the items I’m crazy excited about is the box of Mr Sketch scented markers. When my siblings and I were in early elementary school, we all received our own box of these markers at some point and we used these markers on Welcome Home banners, colouring contests, school projects, and white sweaters (oops). Know what the super fun thing is? I still have 2 of those markers in the kids’ box of colouring supplies. Say I got them when I was 7 years old… that would make these markers TWENTY FIVE YEARS OLD and they still work! That is why, in my books, Mr Sketch markers are and will always be the absolute best markers a parent could buy! Go now and buy likewise.

Mr Sketch Scented Markers #GrandMarchBreak

Anyhow. Do your craft boxes need a little new life? Some new supplies to grab the imagination of the kids during the after school / dinner prep time? You’re in luck – we’ve got a box of goodies from Grand & Toy for YOU! There’s one catch – you’ve gotta get busy on Instagram if you want to win! 

Instagram Photo Challenge #GrandMarchBreak

Here’s the deal:

  1. Post a photo of you or your kids doing some March Break crafting (or the result of the crafting!) on Instagram. (Your photo will have to be public for us to see it!)
  2. Tag the photo using both of these hashtags: #GrandMarchBreak AND #ypmMarchBreak
  3. The contest will run until midnight on Sunday, March 20. You can post once a day and will receive an entry for every day that you post.
  4. Follow @jennvb and @GrandandToy for 2 extra entries, and comment on this Instagram post letting us know that you’ve followed!
  5. Tag your craft-loving friends (or contest loving friends!) on this instagram post – bonus entry for every friend that you tag! 
  6. Open to Canadian residents only.


Disclaimer: we received the above products to enjoy as a family in exchange for some social media sharing. All thoughts and opinions are our own! 

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I live in Hamilton, Ontario, and love my city. I'm a Netflixer, choral music geek, bookworm, inventor of recipes (I take Artistic Licence on EVERYTHING that I make), wife of one, mother of two, and owner of a neurotic Schnauzer. I respect people who respect others. I love good food that's well done, but my favourite lunch is KD & hotdogs. With ketchup. I'm addicted to Clearance Shopping. I will ALWAYS get the product that I want at the price that I want, eventually.


  1. I never knew that Grand and Toy had craft material! Great inspiration!

  2. I remember getting Mr Sketchy markers for my fourth birthday – I LOVED them. I smelled them for hours until my nose had lots of coloured spots on it. :)

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