One Week Water Challenge #DrinkYourWater

I am so bad about drinking water. I go for a few weeks of getting my 8 glasses a day, then I get sick of it and drink next to nothing. By bedtime, it’s possible that I’ve only drank a cup or two of coffee, and the milk with my cereal. Isn’t that horrible?!! Imagine how dehydrated I’m getting. And after a few days of not enough water, I come down with a ridiculous headache. So I need to analyze this problem, and figure out how to fix it!

Why don’t I drink enough?

  • I don’t always like the taste
  • Cold water is hard on my sensitive teeth
  • Being a teacher, it’s tough to schedule enough bathroom breaks
  • Sometimes I just don’t think to drink it

How I’m going to solve those problems:

  • The taste and cold issues I usually address by drinking from a cup or bottle that has a straw. I find that when I suck on a straw, I don’t notice the taste, and the cold water goes past my teeth without causing sensitivity.
  • The teaching issues – I will make sure I drink 2 glasses of water first thing when I get up, by leaving it on my nightstand. I will drink most of the rest of my water towards the end of the school day, and in the evening.
  • The last issue, not thinking about it, will be addressed by making my water bottle visible. I plan to take it with me wherever I go.

As I’ve mentioned before, I do best with a challenge, so I’m going to challenge myself to drink my water every day this week.

One Week Water Challenge #DrinkYourWater

Anyone else up for a water challenge week? Do you get enough water? Any hints or tips to share? Join us on Facebook as we drink our water together!!

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Marya R

I live in Bowmanville, and am a mom to four young boys - it can get a little loud in my house. I am a Christian, a part-time French teacher, a piano teacher and former homeschooler. I love finding the best deals, which will come in handy when our boys become hungry teenagers! We just moved to a house with more outdoor space, and I'm still getting used to life in the country (a walk around the block is a lot longer here!).

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  1. We love our water in our house. Quite often it’s the only thing we have around to drink, and our guests aren’t always as excited about it as we are, lol! My problem is making sure I don’t drink too much before going into a meeting or a long drive or something. I have to run to the bathroom constantly, ha ha!

  2. A friend of mine and I took a similar challenge with each other. It really paid off!

  3. I take my bottle of water with me almost every where. Helps me stay on top of drinking water.

  4. I used to not love drinking water when I was younger, but now I drink lots of it. Good luck on the water challenge.

  5. As for the taste, I really like flavored sparkling waters! It’s really yummy!

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