Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Crafts

Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts

 My husband has accused me of mild hoarding.  Why?  I can’t seem to put certain types of things into the recycling. So, as I’ve been pinning away this week, I’ve been on the look out for toilet paper roll Christmas crafts, since that stash has gotten to be fairly large.  There are So. Many. Ideas!  I thought I’d collect them all into one space so that I could figure out what I wanted to do!  I’m going to do my best to organize them a little more into categories.  Have you seen any toilet paper roll crafts that I’ve left out?  Please share!!

Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendars

Snowflake Banner
Source: Women’sDay
Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts 
This was the first TP Advent Calendar that I came across, and I have to admit that I really like the simplicity!  I’m also a sucker for most anything snowflake themed.  :)  Interestingly enough, the project is courtesy of maya*made – you’ll see another idea from her blog a bit further down!
Wall-mounted Birdhouse
Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts
Countdown Calendar Garland
Source: maya*made
Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts
Maya has an excellent tutorial for this advent / countdown calendar.  More great ideas for things to stuff inside, too!  The look of this one makes me think: IKEA.  But they’d probably charge $15 for this!  :)
Vertical Calendar
Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts
I like the candy-look of this one – so bright and cheery and festive!  There’s also a link to a great and simple Advent Devotional in this post, too!  Check it out!
Toilet Paper Roll People & Animals
 Simple Nativity
 Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts
  A simple Mary, Joseph, and Jesus nativity makes a great craft – and this one can be done (with a lot of help) by really little hands or (with no help) by older kids, or even us adults, too!  Go check out her blog here for materials and directions!
Source:  The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman
Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts
This angel would be a very cute addition to the nativity above!  So cute!Christmas Choir
Source: Spoonful
Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts
This is, perhaps, my favourite of them all.  Simple, oh so cute, and it makes use of those annoying singles of the little baby socks!  I will definitely be trying this one out this year!Santa
Source:  CraftIdeas

Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts

There are many variations on this theme, but I thought this one was particularly cute!  I love the fuzzy beard!

Reindeer #1
Source: Free PreSchool Crafts
Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts
Absolutely adorable. Make this guy to go alongside Santa!

Reindeer #2
Source: Kinda Like a Turtle
Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts
These ones are very do-able for little hands, with just a little bit of help!  They would also compliment Santa quite nicely!

Reindeer #3
Source: Happy Hooligans
Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts
These adorable mini reindeer are a perfect addition to any Christmas tree!!

Christmas Mice
Source: Childmade
Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts
The most intricate, and, I think, the most creative of the bunch – TP Christmas Mice!  These wouldn’t last 5 minutes in my house right now with little toddler hands touching everything in sight, but I’ll come back to these in a few years!

Source:  kcm Scrap N Stuff
Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts
The obsession that I spoke of earlier re: my toddler and snowmen has not waned.  As I sit here typing, I have a little voice beside me shouting, ” ‘now man!  ’now man!  ’NOW MAN!!’ ” So, this one might be a good one to do tomorrow.  :)

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Trees
Cardboard & Scrap Fabric Christmas Tree
Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts
Using fabric scraps and an empty coffee capsule, this is a really cute and cheap little Christmas tree craft!
TP Roll Ornament Tree
Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts
This craft will definitely make a dent in your tp roll collection!  This would be a fun decoration for a house that won’t be setting up a Christmas tree due to a Christmas vacation, etc., or for an apartment that doesn’t have room for a tree!  
Construction Paper Tree
Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts
A cute tree, and easy to make a forest out of these!  Glitter glue makes it easy for really little hands to decorate, too!
 Recycled Snowflake Decoration
Source: Whiff of Joy
Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts
 I would probably omit the picture on the front – simple is better in this case, I think! Looks pretty easy to make, though – head over to Whiff of Joy to see how she put it together!
Cardboard Tube Snowflakes
 Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts
  It’s incredibly hard for me to believe that these are made out of TOILET PAPER ROLLS!  Wow – a little beyond my crafting skill this year, but I just had to include them!
Retro Ornaments
Source: Spoonful
Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts 
I love these ones!  They’re very similar to ones that I picked up at Ikea a few years ago, but with a lot more style!
Toilet Paper Tube Star Garland
Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts
Cute.  Creative.  Crafty.  Fun.
Craft Cardboard Stars
Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts
Love the glitter.
Inexpensive Christmas Ornament
 Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts
I’ve been to Budget Savvy Diva before for recipes – she has great recipes – but this is my first craft from her – easy, simple, and elegant! 
Easy DIY Ornaments for Kids
Source: DIY Inspired 
 Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts
I love the bead in the middle of this one.   It’s simple, yet elegant.  Easy to make, but not cheap looking.  A “win” in my books!
TP Roll Tree Topper
Toilet paper roll Christmas crafts
I don’t actually have anything on the top of my tree – I haven’t found the right one in stores yet.  Maybe the answer is sitting in my recycling bin?
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  1. That was a lot of work to put together! Thanks for all of the ideas and for including my tree topper… I hope you’ll find time to make one.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I LOVE your tree topper – I’m hoping to try it out this weekend!

  3. Linked over to see you and wow! It was great to see so many good ideas,which I will be using with my kids next school year. PS I feel flattered you mentioned us,

  4. I love all Christmas Decorations ideas out of toilet paper, very crafty. Thanks for sharing!

    Cheers and hugs,

  5. I will try the little singer too this year as countdown calendrar.
    So cute! Tahnks!

  6. Hello. Have you already decided for your Christmas tree topper this year? Hehehe. I am also scouting for something new, unique and really attractive so my guests would be impressive. Keep sharing and bookmarked this helpful page. :D Merry Christmas in advance

  7. heres one you should add to your list i made this last week and it turned out great.

  8. i never knew that toilet papers can also be used for craft ideas, thanks a lot for sharing valuable information with us.

  9. Vertical calendar is so cute!!!
    Wish you a very Happy Christmas!!!
    JingleBells Jinglebells

  10. Thank you for sharing! It was great to see all these ideas in one place. I fell in love with the mice, so I had to try to make them. They came out great, especially for my first TP project. Merry Christmas!

  11. For formula cans – I’ve decorated them (decoupage) and I use them to stock cocoa, flour, rice etc. I love them! I wish my baby would eat formula so could have more of them but nope, she is a declared breastmilk fan XD

    And this year I’m also collecting toilet paper rolls to make some decorations so thank you for sharing! :)

  12. brilliant ideas will use for craft fairs x

  13. i love it i can only choose one but i cant decide

  14. Awesome! Such a display of creativity. Who knew that a simple toilet paper roll can be transformed into a lot of things? I especially loved the wall-mounted birdhouse and the Christmas mice. They seem so easy to make yet they’re very creatively done.

    Jana Young

  15. Those are amazing ideas! They would definitely make great decors for Christmas. Don’t be too sad that your husband called you a hoarder. Haha! It only means that you are able to see beauty in everything. It also means you have a wide imagination and great skills to transform trash into lovely stuff. Good luck on choosing what to make because everything looks gorgeous!
    Clay Delgado

  16. Certainly one of the best and useful diy gift idea.Will certainly try to make few of them this christmas.

  17. Awe – love these! Super cute!

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