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Seatbelts, everyone! Take Chances, Make Mistakes, and Introduce Your Kids to Miss Frizzle! #StreamTeam

The Magic School Bus on Netflix

I grew up reading the Magic School Bus books whenever I could get my hands on them – which wasn’t very often, since they were some of the more popular books in the school library. I’ve always been fascinated by the possibility of the extra-ordinary fantasy world creeping into our ‘plain old boring’ world.  I desperately wanted Miss Frizzle for ... Read More »

What I’m Watching…

What to Watch Next on Netflix

I admit, I watch a lot of TV. Well, I don’t actually watch a lot of TV: a huge amount of the time, I just listen to it as I’m cleaning up the kitchen, hanging up laundry, making dinner. I put Netflix on my phone and connect to our Bose Mini Soundlink Bluetooth speaker and go about my business, listening to my ... Read More »

How to Live Without Cable (or satellite)

PicMonkey Collage

I have never paid for cable or satellite, in all my adult life. For our first year of marriage, we chose not to have TV.  In subsequent years, we managed to rent and borrow enough movies and DVDs, while spending our money on important things like student loans and house down payments. For about one year, we even had “free” ... Read More »