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#CloroxCanada Casts a Spell on Bathroom Germs with the ToiletWand

featured toiletwand

As you know, in December I started my new job as custodian of our church, which means that I spend about 15 hours a week vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, disinfecting, and scrubbing toilets. I am, therefore, no stranger to rolling up my sleeves and getting dirty.  However, while I don’t scrubbing the floors and cleaning the kitchens, tackling the bathroom has ... Read More »

Quick Tip to Fake Your Spring Cleaning

Fake Your Spring Cleaning1

  I don’t usually do a lot of official “spring cleaning”, but I’m generally inspired by the spring weather to make things as bright, and fresh as possible.  This year, though, a few things have come together to stop me from doing this. First of all, “spring” has taken so long to come! I can’t have windows open, hang things ... Read More »