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Ham & Spinach Quiche {Layered Mediterranean Pie}

Layered Mediterranean Pie

 This Ham & Spinach Quiche has been one of my favourite meals since my mom discovered it in a Robin Hood Flour booklet years and years ago. Although we follow the same recipe, my mom’s ‘Layered Mediterranean Pie,’ as they called it in this booklet, is always better than mine. I don’t know how she does it. Perhaps the ingredient that ... Read More »

Healthy Spinach Dip #GayLeaMom

Healthy Spinach Dip

You may have noticed my trend of healthier living lately.  Between increasing my water intake, and drastically increasing my activity level, I’ve been making better lifestyle choices all around.   So when I had the chance to come up with a recipe using Nordica Cottage Cheese, I was very excited. I love spinach dips whenever I go to a party, ... Read More »

Meatless Monday: Spinachballs


Yes.  Spinachballs.  Like meatballs.  But instead of meat, spinach.  And you know what?  They’re really good.  My husband and I really liked them.  But our 2-year old toddler, who believes that he’s allergic to vegetables?  LOVED them.  I’m fairly certain that he ate about 1/2lb of spinach last night.  I’m not exaggerating. Yesterday during naptime, I was frantically searching my ... Read More »