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Your Best / Worst Dad Joke Could Win You One of Four 4K TVs from Rogers for Father’s Day!! #MyDadJoke #LifeIn4K

Father's Day with Rogers: Win a 4K TV! #MyDadJoke

What is it that happens to dudes when they become dads? One minute, they’ve got a completely normal sense of humour, and the next, it’s groaners all around.  Kid: Daddy, I’m thirsty! Dad: Hi Thirsty, I’m Dad! Nice to meet you!  ******* Kid: Daddy, wait, I’ve got something in my shoe! Dad: I’m pretty sure that’s your foot, son! “Why don’t crabs give to ... Read More »

Win 4 Tickets to #MonsterJam in Hamilton!

Win 4 Tickets to Monster Jam in Hamilton! #MonsterJam

You can not know how thrilled I am that the #MonsterJam trucks are on their way back to Hamilton for another show. Didn’t peg me as a Monster Jam fan? I’m not. I’m really not. However, the newly minted 5 year old in our house very much IS, and he’s been talking about this year’s Monster Jam show since last April. I’m just ... Read More »

A March Break Giveaway from Church & Dwight: Spring Forward!

Church & Dwight Giveaway

Tomorrow is the last day of school before March Break.  How did that happen already?! I’ll be honest: I meant to have this post up an entire week ago….but then we got that wonderful snow storm, and then the weather magically turned to spring, and, well, we’ve pretty much been enjoying as much of the Great Outdoors as we can ... Read More »

Hallmark for the Holidays Giveaway!

featured hallmark

Have you been in a Hallmark store lately? Anneke and I stopped by one last week, and I have to say, they pretty much got ALL of their Christmas stuff right this year. I kind of want it all.  The folks from Hallmark asked if we’d be interested in featuring any of their things in our holiday gift guide, but ... Read More »

Smart Is The New Cool™ – Project Mc² Dolls #GiveAway

featured mc2

I don’t know about you, but when I was a tween (which, by the way, wasn’t a thing when I was growing up!), I had my utopian house blue prints down to a T.  Literally. Inspired by my best friend Donna, I bought a pad of graph paper and started figure out room layout, door & window placement, & contemplated the ... Read More »

New Giveaway: Win 4 Tickets to Maple Leaf #MonsterJam in Hamilton on April 25th! #CanWin #HamOnt


Last year, H-Man went to his first ever Monster Truck event here in Hamilton, and we’ve been hearing tales about it weekly ever since. As though he knows that Monster Jam is returning to town this month, the frequency of the Monster Truck conversation is increasing daily. The questions, the observations, the totally amazing Monster Truck facts!  He doesn’t know ... Read More »

Win tickets to the Canadian International Auto Show! #HondaCIAS15

Featured Canadian International Auto Show

This past summer, we had the chance to take a Honda Pilot on vacation to a cottage in Michigan. It’s (almost) always exciting to try out a new vehicle, but the Pilot was an particularly exciting vehicle for us. We’re not so much the folks that only take the ‘bare essentials’ with us when heading out on vacation, so that always ... Read More »