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#CloroxCanada Casts a Spell on Bathroom Germs with the ToiletWand

featured toiletwand

As you know, in December I started my new job as custodian of our church, which means that I spend about 15 hours a week vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, disinfecting, and scrubbing toilets. I am, therefore, no stranger to rolling up my sleeves and getting dirty.  However, while I don’t scrubbing the floors and cleaning the kitchens, tackling the bathroom has ... Read More »

A Month of Less: The Coat Closet


Today’s challenge is the Coat Closet! Now, I’m hoping for your sake that yours is not in as bad shape as mine was – it was a little lot embarrassing. We had so many fabric & plastic bags stuffed in there that it was kind of a shove everything inside as far as possible and then quickly shut the door ... Read More »

Cleaning Stoneware


   I love Pampered Chef products, but unfortunately I don’t have the kind of money to buy them often, so any time I see them at garage sales, I grab them!  I’ve never had stoneware before, so I was pretty excited to find this one at our local thrift shop for just a dollar.  I checked the bottom, and it said ... Read More »

Easy Shower Cleaning


MR – My favourite Pinterest find of this week was the soap dispensing brush to store in the shower.  There was a pin that didn’t end up linking to anywhere, but in the description was an idea for keeping your shower/bath clean on a regular basis. Fill one of these soap-dispensing brushes (mine was a dollar store one) with half ... Read More »