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No Bake Potato Chip Squares: Rice Krispies Squares All Growed Up.


One Saturday morning at the beginning of the summer, I finally decided to make my maiden voyage to the Hamilton Farmer’s Market. 2016 marks my 15th year living in Hamilton, and until last month, I had never set  foot in the Farmer’s Market.  And I love farmer’s markets! Whenever we’re in Belleville or Sarnia, I try to go with my ... Read More »

No-Bake, No-Prep Christmas Goodies: Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Wine from Girls’ Night Out Wines

featured truffle

Alright, ladies: I have the PERFECT Christmas Baking Treat for you – it’s no bake, no dishes, no prep! Too good to be true? Nope.  Let me introduce you to Girls’ Night Out’s newest flavour, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. It’s a Christmas treat in a glass. Heading to a dessert potluck? No-problem-o: grab a bottle of  Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. Didn’t have ... Read More »

Christmas Dessert Recipe: Broken Window Glass Cake

Christmas Dessert Recipes: Broken Window Glass Cake

I know, I know – Christmas already?! Two things: 1) this dessert has been sitting in my Drafts folder since last January and I want to make sure that I don’t forget about this season! and 2) Christmas isn’t as far away as you might think!  As with many of my favourite recipes that I post here, this Christmas dessert recipe ... Read More »

19 Amazing Christmas Treats I’ll NEVER Have the Time to Make

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We’ve all pinned them – those gorgeously decorated sugar cookies, the clever cookies that look like mugs of hot cocoa, snowmen that are comprised of no fewer than 10 different pieces of candy, pretzels, etc, etc. no bigger than an inch… And if you’re anything like me, you haven’t done a thing with any of those pins.  This crazy video is ... Read More »

Kinda Like Clodhoppers Recipe (No-Bake Christmas Baking)

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I fell in love with Clodhoppers several years ago after I saw a documentary on TV about the family who made them. I hadn’t heard of them before, so before my next shift at Ira Lee’s, the sandwich & salad fast food joint in the mall that was my job for all four years through highschool, I picked up a ... Read More »

DIY Serving Tray from CANDY!


Ok. So this DIY serving tray from candy was one of those things that I saw on Pinterest and thought, “No way.  There’s either a trick to it, or it’s a Pinterest Old Wives Tale.  It can’t be that easy!” Well, guess what?  It totally is.  I started out with instructions from this blog over here, and then headed out ... Read More »

Five Minute Fudge – Only Two Ingredients


I don’t even remember who I first heard this recipe from.  It was told by word of mouth and it’s so incredibly easy.  Just two ingredients gives you the perfect no-fail, five minute fudge.    Take one can of frosting, one package of chocolate chips, and put them in a microwavable bowl.  Microwave at 70% power for 2 minutes.  Stir ... Read More »