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4 Tips to Simplify Birthday Traditions #StreamTeam

birthday (1)

  The birthdays of our children can be a pretty stressful time. The kids get invited to Princess Parties at local castles, jumping parties at giant trampoline parks, soccer parties at indoor sports complexes. Pinterest tells us that birthday parties at home need to consist of elaborate cakes and decorations and organized games, and these days you need to count ... Read More »

How to Host an Easy PAW Patrol Birthday Party

paw patrol birthday feature

We’ve landed squarely in School Friends Birthday Party territory. The kids are going out to birthday parties, they’re wanting to have their friends over for birthday parties, and it’s all kind of busy and often intimidating!  There are stories of little girls hosting Princess Parties at Dundurn Castle, and little boys hosting action-packed jumping parties at The Flying Squirrel (this ... Read More »

How to Host a Pirate Birthday Party

How to Host an Easy Pirate Birthday Party

Some people feel that themed birthday parties are just asking for extra work, but for me it’s the opposite. It gives me a direction to go in with the cake, decorations, and goody bags. When I’ve got a clear direction to steer the party in, everything is just less stressful. Now, mind you, I don’t do “Pinterest Perfect” parties – ... Read More »

What to do with Leftover Birthday Cake

What to do with leftover birthday cake

I can’t say that I’ve ever had this problem before, but H-man’s birthday cake was so big that it’s taken us a week to demolish 3/4 of it – and by this point, it’s not as moist and delicious as it once was. The pirate ship design of the cake called for two 8 1/2 x 11 sheet cakes, so even ... Read More »

Another Birthday Come & Gone…

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I used to be a huge fan of birthdays. How can you not be a fan of birthdays when you’re growing up? You get a special breakfast, and presents before school! You hand snacks out to your class so that everyone knows that it’s your special day. Mom makes what you want for supper, and there’s cake & ice cream and POP!  Then, on the weekend, 17 of ... Read More »

Dollarama: It should be called the $22 Store #FavouritesFriday

Featured Dollarama

How many times have you been to Dollarama in the past 6 months without forking over at least $20? Especially when you just went for 2 things?! I was skeptical – actually, downright annoyed – when Dollarama introduced $2 & $3 items a few years ago. Just another one of those dollar stores that now sold items for $3 that ... Read More »

Easy Batman Cake

Simple Batman Cake 0011

Lately (ever since my broken wrist) I’ve been obsessed with “simple” and “easy” projects.  I did a Pinterest search for “simple birthday cakes” and some of those were not simple – I mean, who does fondant?!  I saw a fun cake from a blog called “All Boy Stuff ” where she just went with a batman logo in chocolate icing ... Read More »

Garden Theme Birthday Party Ideas

Gardening Party Theme Activities, Food, and Games

As I mentioned the other day, I did a Gardening theme for Hendrik’s 3rd birthday party. I had originally walked around Dollarama with a shopping cart full of Cars party stuff, but I didn’t really know what Cars-themed activities I could have the kids do. I walked past some clay flower pots and thought, Yes! That’s what we’ll do for the ... Read More »

Garden Theme Birthday Cake

Vegetable Garden Cake

This year, we were flying back from Florida on Hendrik’s birthday – so his party got delayed a few weeks. A February party turned into a March party and, since Hendrik is so excited to plant the garden with me in the spring, I settled on a gardening party (not to be confused with a garden party!). I took my pinspiration from ... Read More »

Minion Birthday Cake


Thank you to Jenn and Marya for invitng me to do a guest post. My kids love the movies Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. Of course, their favourite characters are the Minions. What is not to love about those goofy yellow characters?  My son, E, recently turned 6 so a Minion birthday cake was a perfect fit for him. ... Read More »