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Our boys are not quite old enough for Science Fair. Our oldest will be doing it next year at his school, and he can’t wait! As parents, however, we’re not as excited, since a lot of the work gets done at home…and that means homework for Mom & Dad!  

All our boys have always been fascinated by science, and grew up watching Sid the Science Kid.  Now that they are a little older, there are a lot more great shows to explore relating to science!  


1. Nova: Hunting the Elements
2. Cosmos
3. Deadliest Volcanoes: Nova
4. Let Your Mind Wonder

We took a look at Deadliest Volcanoes. It was absolutely fascinating!! Our oldest boys loved learning about some of the world’s most powerful volcanoes!

 We decided to try a fun experiment to go along with the volcanoes, and what better than the old standby, baking soda and vinegar. Even though I’ve done it many times myself, I’m still impressed with it!

You will need a tall, narrow container (this makes the “lava” effect more impressive), such as a vase.  And you need some vinegar and baking soda.


Fill the vase halfway with vinegar. For fun, we often add a few drops of food colouring. Set the vase on a plate or cookie sheet to avoid mess. Add about a tsp of baking soda, and watch the action!

 Science fun

If you want to get fancy, you can create a volcano around the vase, to get a more realistic effect, but, let’s face it, we’re all about simple at our house!

There are endless variations on the baking soda/vinegar experiment – just use your imagination!!

Whether it’s science experiments, school projects, or just plain curiosity, there are so many shows on Netflix to encourage lifelong learning! What have  you been learning about lately?!


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