– Showing YouTube Without Ads

As a teacher,  I show a fair amount of videos relating to the lessons we are learning. The Internet is such a great resource, and the video clips supplement the learning in a very valuable way. Unfortunately, though, most of the videos I use are on YouTube, which means ADS. I understand that people have to make money somewhere, but these ads are not necessarily appropriate for children. I’ve had a few close calls already in some of my classes. But then I was introduced to a free website that creates a safe link from YouTube videos. It gets rid of any ads and distracting sidebars.

For example, I searched for a version of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons that I use with my students. It started with a Revlon ad, and had a little box ad that I had to click to get rid of (in addition to any sidebar ads etc). When I pasted it into I got this simple screen with no ads or even “Up Next” after.