How to Remove Rust with 1 Household Ingredient {The Lazy Way to Remove Rust}

Restoring a Poang Chair

I picked up this kid’s Ikea POANG chair on the side of the road on the way home from school the other day – normally, I wouldn’t pay attention to upholstered furniture up for grabs outside, but I love the Ikea stuff because you can take it apart completely and wash or buy/make new covers. 

How to remove rust with a household ingredient

Once I removed all of the screws, I realized that they had been rusted pretty badly. My first thought was, “I really don’t want to spend an hour scrubbing them with a metal brush – I’ll just keep them aside so I can buy replacement pieces at Ikea.” And then I thought, “Wait. I need to Google this: ‘how to remove rust’.”

Turns out it was a good thought. 

With no effort whatsoever, you can remove rust by soaking them in this magical solution for 24 hours. Seriously. You can sit and watch the rust flaking off the metal. 

How to remove rust using a simple household ingredient!

What is this magical solution, you ask? 


How to Remove Rust with Vinegar


How to Remove Rust: 1 household ingredient, NO scrubbing!

Submerge the rusty metal in vinegar for 24 hours; rinse thoroughly with water.

That’s it. That’s how to remove rust the lazy way. 

How to remove rust with one simple ingredient!

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  1. I hear coke works too.
    ps. now i just want some salt n vinegar chips.

  2. Cool, good to know as I often pick up curbside items, some of which have a little rust here or there!

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