The Pinterest Instant Water Jug Lantern: Does it Work?

We’ve all seen the Pinterest posts about making lanterns by emptying glow sticks into bottles of Mountain Dew – and I think we’ve all figured out by now that it doesn’t work. At all. 

The Myth of the Glowing Mountain Dew

You might have also seen the posts about making a lantern from a plastic water jug and a flashlight. Does this one work? Marya and I put this one to the test this past week when we were out on our annual camping trip with our kids. 

Headlamp + Water Jug: Does It Work?

I had a fantastic Coleman propane lantern in my dining tent, but across the lane, Marya and my mom didn’t have a lantern on their site, so (what with there being a fire ban) we sat around with our flashlights. They certainly added some light, but not pleasant light to play games in. 

Flashlight Camping Hack

Being a good little Pinterest addict, I recalled pins that showed headlamps strapped to jugs of water – I didn’t have a headlight, but I did have a bright Pelican flashlight and a jug of water, so I gave it a try. 

The Pinterest Instant Lantern: Does it Work?

Result: It works! 

It does not, however, make your flashlight magically brighter. It does disperse the light more evenly so that you can light up a dining tent nicely without anyone being blinded by the bright light of a flashlight.

The Pinterest Water Jug Lantern: Does it Work?

I still recommend picking up a nice propane or LED lantern, since it’s just easier to have that on hand, but when you need extra light in your tent, your lantern has died, or you’ve simply forgotten it at home, this is one Pinterest hack that holds up to the claims! 

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