Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Squares with Sea Salt (GF, vegan, no sugar added!)

Because of various friends and family members being gluten-free, I’m always on the lookout for decent recipes that don’t use flour.  I saw the post for this one, and it looked absolutely amazing, even though the main ingredient was just chickpeas!  It reminds me of the black bean Brownies that I made a few months ago.
These squares, though, were so simple to make, and absolutely delicious!  Combine a can of chickpeas, some peanut butter, and few other ingredients in a food processor

Add some chocolate chips, sprinkle with sea salt and bake!  I found that it needed to bake for at least the maximum amount of time (25 minutes)  or even longer – the centre of mine was still quite soft.

But it tasted great, and we all loved it! Best of all, it was healthy!  It didn’t matter if I ate one or two (or three) pieces at a time!

Head over to Ambitious Kitchen for the original recipe.  She called them “Blondies” but our kids thought they tasted more like cookies, so we call them Cookie Squares.

This post is a part of the Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways Blog hop.  Head over there to see some more posts!

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Jenn vanOosten

I live in Hamilton, Ontario, and love my city. I'm a Netflixer, choral music geek, bookworm, inventor of recipes (I take Artistic Licence on EVERYTHING that I make), wife of one, mother of two, and owner of a neurotic Schnauzer. I respect people who respect others. I love good food that's well done, but my favourite lunch is KD & hotdogs. With ketchup. I'm addicted to Clearance Shopping. I will ALWAYS get the product that I want at the price that I want, eventually.


  1. Alana from the UBC visiting your blog and delighting in this recipe. I pinned this because it looked so yummy! Now to try to find a way to make this Weight Watchers friendly.

  2. This is one recipe that I will definitely have to try. Who knew that chickpeas could make for great tasting cookies. Thanks for sharing and I really enjoyed your pictures!

  3. Can’t wait to try this.. looks so yummy!

  4. No eggs or anything? Just chickpeas and peanut butter? OMG – I HAVE to try this!!

  5. Marya, just added this to my Pinterest. Always looking for healthier snack ideas.



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