Minion Birthday Cake

Thank you to Jenn and Marya for invitng me to do a guest post.

My kids love the movies Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. Of course, their favourite characters are the Minions. What is not to love about those goofy yellow characters?  My son, E, recently turned 6 so a Minion birthday cake was a perfect fit for him. I scoured Pinterest for an easy looking cake to recreate at home, but had no luck finding anything in my limited cake decorating skill set. Thank to Jenn for finding a super easy one for me! Here is my take on it. 
The orignal cake called for a cake mix and storebought icing. I’m not a big fan of either of those, so I headed to my one of my favourite food blogs for a cake and icing recipe. I didn’t alter the recipes so you can find them over at Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. I used Mel’s recipe for Unbelievable Chocolate Cake and Fantastic {Easy} Buttercream Frosting

To create your own Minion cake, you will need the following:

- 9×13 inch cake
- Frosting
- Yellow and Blue colouring (I used a gel icing colouring made by Wiltons.)
- Black shoestring licorice
- 1 round cookie (I used a chocolate chip since that is what I had on hand, but it should be smaller than your mason jar ring)
- Mason jar ring
- Chocolate chips 
1. I used Marya’s tutorial for creative easy cake decorating to make 3 chocolate button size circles to use on the cake. I had some extra chocolate so I spelled out my son’s name and a number 6 for his age. Keep your chocolate pieces in the freezer until ready to use. 
2. For the eye, take your cookie and frost it with a thick layer of frosting. Top frosting with on your chocolate circles. Set aside. 
3. Using a serrated knife, trim off the corners of the cake to create the oblong shape of your Minion. Leave one short edge flat. the flat edge will be the bottom of the Minion. Take a small offset spatula or butterknife to make an upward curving line about 4 inches from bottom of cake. make sure you don’t cut all the way through your cake. 

4. Take approximately 3/4 of your frosting and colour it yellow. Take the remaining frosting and colour it blue. 

5. Frost the top half of your cake, above the curved line, yellow. Then frost the bottom half blue, being careful not to mix with the yellow frosting, or you will end up with green. Fill in the line between the two colours with one of the shoestring licorice. Trim the licorice with scissors if necessary. Take your other 2 chocolate circles and add them as buttons on the blue frosting just under the licorice.

6. Place the eye on the middle of the cake. You will want it closer to the top of the Minions head. place the Mason jar ring around the eye. Using 4 of strands of licorice, add the band for the goggle on eith side of the ring.

7. Trim a piece of licorice and add it below the eye in a bit of curve to create a smile. Trim another piece of licorice and stick the pieces into the top of the cake to create the Minion’s hair. 
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  1. Well done on the Minion Cake, it is adorable and one little is going to be very happy.

  2. I have a grandson that would love a cake like that! That is so cute!

  3. Loved this, seems so simple. I wish I had had inspiration like this 25+ years ago when I was trying to create topical cakes for my kids. Now if I just had some grandchildren quickly I could start into it again.

  4. Yummie – that cake looks so good! I love to make it for my daughters birthday in a couple of weeks.

  5. This is absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love Minions :) So adorable and sounds easy enough!

  7. Thanks for sharing this ! You did a great job. I’m pinning it for future reference I know a little boy who would love a cake like this! Kim ~ This Ole Mom

  8. What an adorable looking cake, it came out so well!

  9. Adorable! And not too hard. I especially love the little details.

  10. Love this. My girls are OBSESSED with Despicable me!
    Shared it too.

  11. This is a really great cake…and it seems simple too! Great job, I’m sure Eric loved it!

  12. This is such a cute cake, thanks for sharing!

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