A March Break Giveaway from Church & Dwight: Spring Forward!

Tomorrow is the last day of school before March Break. 

How did that happen already?!

I’ll be honest: I meant to have this post up an entire week ago….but then we got that wonderful snow storm, and then the weather magically turned to spring, and, well, we’ve pretty much been enjoying as much of the Great Outdoors as we can before we get a crazy cold snap again a la 2014 and 2015. 

Reid's Dairy Belleville

Anyhow. March Break! The weather forecast in the GTA is looking pretty perfect for spending time outdoors (especially when compared to the last two years) – temps ranging from 9-17 degrees, mostly sun but a little rain… Out come the bikes, the sidewalk chalk, the skipping ropes, the rain boots, and probably even a soccer ball or two. I’m pretty sure that I’m just as excited as the kids to spend hours on end in the fresh air. 

However… that means more (muddy) laundry. Less time to do the laundry! More collapsing at the end of the day in exhaustion. More squeezing my hairy self into a bathing suit at the family swim time at the Rec Centre. 

Church & Dwight Giveaway

Church & Dwight wants to help you get ready for spring – they’ve got a fun little giveaway for our readers inspired by March Break – a little Oxi-Clean laundry detergent to help with those muddy spring stains, vitamins for the whole family to keep you at the top of your game, natural Gravol to calm the stomach for the long car trip to Grandma’s house (or Florida, for you lucky ducks!), night time Rub A5-35 for those sore muscles you’ll have from trying to keep up with the kids, and Nair Argan Oil Hair Remover for those trips to the pool for family swim – and, let’s face it - summer is coming

I want to know what you’ve got planned or what you ended up getting up to for March Break! Were you one of the lucky ones who made the pilgrimage to Florida? Send the kids to camp & work like usual? Take the bikes on their maiden voyage of the year? 

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Disclosure: Church & Dwight sent us a package to test out with the products listed above. We were not otherwise compensated for this giveaway, but we do love having fun things to give away to our readers! As always, our thoughts & opinions remain ours and ours alone. 

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I live in Hamilton, Ontario, and love my city. I'm a Netflixer, choral music geek, bookworm, inventor of recipes (I take Artistic Licence on EVERYTHING that I make), wife of one, mother of two, and owner of a neurotic Schnauzer. I respect people who respect others. I love good food that's well done, but my favourite lunch is KD & hotdogs. With ketchup. I'm addicted to Clearance Shopping. I will ALWAYS get the product that I want at the price that I want, eventually.


  1. We are staying home for the better part if the break, but looking forward to a day trip or two.

  2. My kids are excited to spend the week with their grandparents as we have to work.

  3. We had our vacation early, so we will be home!

  4. We’re going to see Disney on ice!! My girls are very excited!

  5. nothing special just staying @ home

  6. I dont have much planned besides working but my sitter will be filling all the days of march break with fun day outings with my daughter and I cant wait to hear about all their adventures !

  7. We’re staying home for March break. We’re going to have a few game and movie nights.

  8. We are taking our grandkids on different day trips to different beaches on the south island!

  9. I don’t get a March break. I will just do what I normally do every week. Work. Sleep. Read. Movie. Craft. Work. Sleep. Sleep. Craft. Lol

  10. March is made for getting those herb gardens ready! Lots of greenhouse work to be done.

  11. We are planning to head to Jasper for some hiking

  12. It would be great to win a Church & Dwight March Break Kit.
    In response to your question of
    What are you getting up to / got up to this March Break?
    I plan on going to visit friends i haven’t seen in awhile,
    bake some Peanut Butter cookies with my niece,
    Watch movies and read some books.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  13. I’ll stay at home………

  14. We are having a staycation this year! Lots of board games, crafts and movies.

  15. will be spending time with the grandkids at the pool and outside.

  16. no plans ! my daughter is 14, so she’ll make her own plans with friends. i have to work, and so does my husband. we will probably watch a lot of Netflix!

  17. Were going to stay home and do some fun activities , have some down time and just relax for most part. thanks for the chance to win.

  18. Going to visit family and celebrating my nieces 13th birthday.

  19. We are going hiking for a few days on March break.

  20. We were going to stay home, but got a good special for a hotel in the Falls, so three nights away, with a pool and big room. Hoping the weather is good. At last spring, and we hardly had a winter really! It will be nice to have some much needed light and sunshine! :)

  21. This march break My família Work Will Go to CHURCH on Sunday!

  22. Will be watching the granddaughters do their skating practices at the rink

  23. We have a wedding to attend to start off March Break. The rest of the week will be spent at home.

  24. We will be going to the maple syrup festival with the family. Should be fun and hopefully great weather!

  25. I have to work but hoping to go to the home show on my day off

  26. no plans! Perfect!

  27. I’ll be spending my March Break getting packed to come back to Canada after being in Mexico since early December.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  28. I am going to my sons 4 day hockey tounrmanet in St Johns,can`t wait!

  29. I will be staying close to home, spending a lot of time with my family.

  30. We just had fun locally, playing outside, skating, hitting the Pool…

  31. Not doing anything special this March Break. Just staying home.

  32. We are having a movie night at home, games night, tomorrow she’s a playdate for the afternoon, we have plans to attend a few community events and end the week with pictures with the Easter Bunny.

  33. A visit to the zoo and the dinosaur (Royal Tyrell museum).

  34. Bike riding, skating, playing outside, games, movies & cooking together. Oh, boy wish me luck

  35. Hopefully time swimming!

  36. I am visiting Family this March break.

  37. We are just hanging out at home this year, and will probably be starting on the yard work for spring!

  38. no plans at all for march break

  39. I just had surgery on the 9th so I am enjoying the BEST mom’s staycation ever! Sleeping as much as I want and getting doted on by my family. My kids will go to camp and my puppy will go to daycare while my hubby works. That’s right – house to myself all day just to recuperate, Netflix and Chill! It is heaven (with a touch of soreness). I’d love to win these Church & Dwight products – let the pampering continue! <3

  40. We plan on going to some museums and local historical sites.

  41. Our spring break will be filled with playing boardgames (mostly Scrabble) & taking the family to the wave-pool / waterslides!

  42. I will be doing lots of organizing and cleaning my home during March Break!

  43. We dont have any plans!

  44. going to the city shopping

  45. Really nothing but work. My kids will probably not see me much since I drive a truck.

  46. We plan on spending time outdoors, and make some crafts on the rainy days

  47. Unfortunately I will be working this March break

  48. We’re going to do some local outings, like a museum and go to a play.

  49. No plans. Just hanging out at home.

  50. We are planning to do crafts, bake and go for walks to the park.

  51. Checking out some local attractions

  52. We’re planning to do a lot of skating. Although not outside, too warm!

  53. We have family visiting from Edmonton so we’ve got some fun day trips planned. We’re also going to Disney on Ice!

  54. Been doing some spring cleaning and baking, nothing too exciting here.

  55. We planned for winter sports but guess we have to improvise with change in weather. We’re visiting the sugar bush, the mountain and we’re going to try something new to us.

  56. We’re staying home for March break

  57. geocaching and hiking :)

  58. I am still busy working but the kids are involved in their sports activities and camps.

  59. We played outside a lot and had company.

  60. we have nothing awesome planned, but maybe some geo caching

  61. I will be headed to Myrtle Beach in two weeks!

  62. This spring break is just another week for us since my daughter isn’t in school yet, but my nieces and nephews will be spending some extra time with us while they have a break. Hopefully the weather will be nice to spend as much time as possible outside.

  63. Taking my lovely wife away.

  64. This spring break is like any other week, don’t have young children at home, not going anywhere! Just would like it to warm up so I can spend some time outdoors!

  65. We are visiting some family around the bay!

  66. We plan on doing some baking, watching movies

  67. during spring break will be close to home..baking, crafts, my daughter is going to a few birthday parties, and hosting a couple themed sleepovers.

  68. Me and the kids will go to grandparents house.

  69. My little guy isn’t in scholarship yet so it’s just a normal week for.us

  70. We are just going to spend time at home. do some baking, watch movies and play board games

  71. A staycation including a few matinees!

  72. We are going to the National Gallery tomorrow and out to a matinee movie on Sunday.

  73. My parents and sister family is visiting Canada for the first time, we will be having a big family reunion

  74. we played some board games, went swimming, and then spent half of it sick with colds. :(

  75. So far – visiting with family and waiting patiently while their sick mom recovers from the cold from hell. Too much screen time resulted! Huge mom guilt, but we’re getting our craft on today!

  76. We did crafts which is my daughter’s favourite thing to do.

  77. We had nothing planned this year

  78. My inlaws will be visiting for Easter which is our break here. I will be having Easter dinner.

  79. We went to the library, movie theater and mall.

  80. Family activities and getting the yard cleaned up.

  81. doing absolutely nothing but having supper at the inlaws

  82. We went to a local museum, the movies, and hiking this March Break.

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