How to Host a Pirate Birthday Party

Some people feel that themed birthday parties are just asking for extra work, but for me it’s the opposite. It gives me a direction to go in with the cake, decorations, and goody bags. When I’ve got a clear direction to steer the party in, everything is just less stressful. Now, mind you, I don’t do “Pinterest Perfect” parties – I don’t make everything themed. Guys, I didn’t even finish cleaning my house before the guests arrived. The basement / toy room was a mess and I barely finished making the cake (ok, I was still icing it when the guests arrived).

Simple Ideas for a Pirate Birthday Party

ANYWHO. Back to the Pirate Party. Back when Target was still, you know, NOT LIQUIDATING, I made a practice of checking out the clearance section of the party aisle. Now, I have a whole bin of birthday party stuff that I bought for about 75% off (or more!). I went through my box and found that I had a bunch of dinosaur party stuff and pirate stuff. I gave the Little Man the option and he chose Pirates. Hence, the Pirate Party. :)  The whole thing was really simple.


I bought green, black and red streamers, and black, red, and white balloons, and I had a chalk board banner in the birthday supply box.  I pinned a string up across the wall behind the table, cut the red & black streamers floor length and taped them to the string. 

Pirate Party Decorations

I tied up the balloons in strategic places in the livingroom, and didn’t worry about the rest of the house.  I used the green streamers to make ‘seaweed’ on the walls. I cut short lengths of streamers, taped the bottom to the bottom of the wall near the floor, then twisted the streamers & taped them at the top as well. 

Pirate Party - under the sea pirate party decorations

Party Costumes

Pirate party costume

I picked up a couple packages of stick-on mustaches at Dollarama and let each child pick out their own style of mustache.  During the Halloween clear-out in November at Target, I picked up several bags of 20 pirate eye patches for $0.75 each. WIN! I also made pirate hooks for everyone. Red plastic beer cups + rolled aluminum foil = pirate hook!   (Head over here for more specific instructions.)

Pirate Party - DIY Pirate Hooks


I went to Party Packagers and bought a baggie of chocolate coins and a baggie of plastic gold coins – I used these for prizes for the games.  I picked up a “pin the crossbones on the map” game at Target for $0.80, and the kids loved that. Every child who took a turn got a chocolate coin, but those who got the sticker in the target got 2. 

Pirate Party Games

I also found a length of 2×4 and set it up with a low chair on either end so that the kids could “walk the plank”. Everyone who was brave enough to walk the plank from one side to the other was rewarded with a plastic gold coin from the treasure chest!

Pirate Party Games: Walking the Plank


The cake was really quite easy – but I left it to the last minute, so I may have been icing it when the guests all arrived. Whoops. I mean to take pictures of how it all went together, but since I started icing it 25 minutes before the party was scheduled to start, the pictures just didn’t happen. It was easy, though, take my word for it. Even if I didn’t really have time to finish decorating it. (Go over here for assembly instructions.)

Pirate Party: Easy Pirate Ship Cake

Party Food

I served a big bowl of cheezies, because kids.  I used sliced oranges and blue jello to make pirate ships – the kids loved these. I had found a box of pirate cupcake accessories at Dollarama, and used the toothpick flags as the sails.  For the ‘substantial’ food, I put hotdogs and sausages into some slow cookers in the morning so that they’d be ready to serve at party time with no extra effort. 

Pirate Party: Jello Pirate Ship Snack

Goodie Bags 

I started off with red & brown paper bags, and added just a few small ‘Pirate Treasure’ things to each bag. Mardigras beads, plastic gold coins, chocolate coins, a few pieces of candy, and an eye patch.   


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  1. Erica (@Erica's Recipes)

    Such fun ideas! I have a young son, so I am sure I’ll be throwing a pirate party at some point. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My daughter is totally into pirates too! I love the red Solo cup pirate hooks! The kids will have so much fun with those!

  3. Fun ideas. My little man will love to have a party like this. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I love the Redhook cops. They are so unique I would’ve never thought of that.

  5. This is totally awesome! I love all the great ideas, especially the hooks!

  6. LOVE the jello/orange slice! That’s adorable and totally would have never thought of that!

  7. Thanks for sharing. Looks like everyone had a great time! I love the little pirate ships made out of oranges and the water in the cup being blue jello- how creative! The cake turned out great too!

  8. What a fun themed birthday party!!! Love this idea. Thanks for sharing <3

  9. Oh my gosh. This is the coolest party I have ever seen. I love the orange slice and the jello. Seriously, you are amazing.

  10. I love the streamer ideas. SUPER SMART with the stripes!

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