Groceries to Stock Up on During Holiday Sales

We are entering my favourite time of the year – Thanksgiving, then my birthday, Halloween, and then Christmas!  Lots of fun family time, and lots of GREAT food!! There are a few grocery items that are often really cheap during the week or two heading up to these holidays. These items are great to use for any meal, not just special ones! It’s a great time to stock up – fill your freezer and cupboards!!

Groceries to stock up on during holiday sales

  1. Turkey – you can get them for as low as $0.88 per pound! Throw one in the freezer and cook it up when you have some time! Perfect for soups, casseroles, and lunches!
  2. Ham – this often gets to about $2 a pound (sometimes less). We love having ham for supper even when it’s not a special meal! Leftovers are great for casseroles, pizza, and lunches!
  3. Boxed stuffing – less than $1 a box is a great price for this. There are all kinds of recipes that call for stuffing – meatloaf, meatballs, and even casseroles.
  4. Crescent rolls – they end up being about $1.25 each. As terribly unhealthy as these are, we absolutely love them. They’re great wrapped around hot dogs. You can also use it as a pizza crust base, the topping for chicken pot pie, and many more uses!
  5. Butter – you can often get it for less than $3 if you check prices! Perfect for all the holiday baking!
  6. Vegetables – this is the time of year when 10 lbs of onions can be cheaper than 2lbs! Pumpkins are a GREAT value for their price – cook one up, puree it, and freeze it! Buy these giant bags of potatoes, carrots, and enjoy the savings! Do some batch baking/cooking.  Fill your freezer!

Anything to add to the list?

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Marya R

I live in Bowmanville, and am a mom to four young boys - it can get a little loud in my house. I am a Christian, a part-time French teacher, a piano teacher and former homeschooler. I love finding the best deals, which will come in handy when our boys become hungry teenagers! We just moved to a house with more outdoor space, and I'm still getting used to life in the country (a walk around the block is a lot longer here!).

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  1. Love it! Thanks for posting this I shall get right on it. I just picked up a bunch of the crescent roll things – such a versatile product.

  2. This is a great list. I also start stocking up on these things early. They are usually cheaper when you buy them before the holidays.

  3. You’re kidding – 30 years and I’ve never gotten Koolaid or a heard THE SONG. Wahhhh….

  4. Better start ‘em early! Ham and veggies would be awesome, but I might not have enough storage. Hehe.

  5. Thanks for sharing these shopping tips!

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