Gluten Free Crepes that Look, Act, and Taste like the Real Deal!

I’ve been going through wheat-free breakfast recipes lately to try to figure out other options for my favourite meal of the day – options that don’t make me regret what I ate when I step on the scale later that day. One of my favourite breakfast dishes is pancakes, and one of my favourite pancakes is a crepe. Naturally, I had to try out this 3 Ingredient Paleo Crepe recipe within 24 hours of finding it. (Actually, there are 5 ingredients, so I’m not sure what’s with the title.) 

Paleo Gluten Free Crepes - they look, taste, and act like the Real Deal!

I was wary - very wary of this recipe with the first pancake or two that I poured onto the skillet – after all, previous gluten free crepes I had tried making were not screaming successes. It spread pretty well, but looked waaay to thin and kinda weird. I thought it was going to rip terribly when I flipped it – but no, it flipped perfectly! It cooked up quickly – WAY faster than ‘real’ crepes do. However, it smelled like an omelette, which is weird. Not that omelettes are bad – but crepes are supposed to taste like crepes, not like omelettes! Anyhow. They didn’t taste like omelettes. While the textures was a bit different than regular crepes, the taste was not far off.


Yep. It looks weird. I promise it looks better when it’s done.

These crepes taste fantastic with the usual sweet fillings (nutella, PB & J, syrup, brown sugar, etc) and with savoury fillings (ham & swiss, turkey & ranch, asparagus & bacon… I’m making myself hungry, now!).

I use a Starfrit crepe pan when I make them and it works GREAT, but I can’t speak to how they perform on regular pans.  

 I’m going to send you over to Lauren at Empowered Sustenance now, where you can find this super amazing paleo gluten free crepes recipe. Try it out, then come back and let me know if I led you astray. 

Paleo Gluten Free Crepes - The Best GF Crepe Recipe you'll EVER FIND!

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  1. I don’t have a crepe pan… waaaaaaaah! Now I want one. NOW.

  2. I want a crepe pan too! This looks delicious and I am definitely going to need to try them.

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