{GF} Spicy Sausage Cocktail Meatballs

GF Spicy Sausage Cocktail Meatballs - a secret ingredient make these THE BEST meatballs you'll ever taste!! (And there's only 4 ingredients!)

I made these meatballs this weekend for a babyshower. Come to think of it, it probably wasn’t the best option to make, since the new mother as well as the host of the shower don’t eat pork and, well, these are pork meatballs, but that just meant there were more for the rest of us.

There’s going to be a theme with Christmas food that I’m posting this year: It’s not healthy. I’m sorry. I try to be good about the food that I make and the food that I eat throughout the year, but sometimes, it’s nice to indulge a little, don’t you think?

GF Spicy Sausage Cocktail Meatballs - a secret ingredient make these THE BEST meatballs you'll ever taste!! (And there's only 4 ingredients!)

So if you were looking for healthy cocktail meatballs, you’ll want to close this tab right now. If, however, you’re hunting for pretty much the most amazing, creamy (before this weekend, I had NO idea that meatballs could be creamy – or if that was even a good thing! Trust me – it is.), spicy (but not grab-a-glass-of-milk-spicy), moist, cheesy meatballs, then you need to stay here and try out this recipe.

I’m thinking that I’ll eventually try them out with a sauce of some kind, but these meatballs are SO. GOOD. that they require no sauce. They are in want of nothing. They’re perfect. And they’re not healthy – so only make them if you’ve got a crowd coming over to help you out with them. Because you will want to eat them all. That’s a promise.

I’ve never tried a meatball recipe even remotely similar to this one before – so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect – but the result was fantastic. So. I found the recipe over at Plain Chicken, and I don’t know if she invented the recipe, but she certainly seems to be the farthest dated back post that I can find. So thank you to Plain Chicken, these cocktail meatballs are amazing!


  • 1lb spicy sausage
  • 8oz cream cheese, softened
  • 1 1/4 cups Bisquick, I used Gluten Free**
  • 4oz cheddar cheese, shredded
  • Preheat oven to 400F
  • Line a cookie sheet or casserole pan with parchment paper.
  • Mix all ingredients until well combined. The KitchenAid with the paddle attachment works well – otherwise, mix with your hands.
  • Form into small balls, about 1″ in diameter. Should yield about 36.
  • Bake on cookie sheet for 20-25 min, or in casserole pan for 30-35 min, until meatballs are brown. I flipped mine halfway through baking.
**Unfortunately, GF Bisquick mix is not yet available in Canada to my knowledge – I picked up a couple of boxes of it in New York when we were there this summer.
***These meatballs may be frozen uncooked, but remember that you should only freeze them uncooked if your sausage was not frozen and then thawed in order to make this. 
I’m looking forward to serving them next month at our annual Most Wonderful Time of the Year Christmas Party – and maybe at family Christmas, and perhaps we’ll bring them along to the Super Bowl party, and…. I’m pretty sure that these are going to be a favourite at gatherings.  Just a hunch.
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  1. I have made these before but without the cream cheese – equal parts bisquick, sausage and cheese. Delicious! The dip we found works best (it is nice with a dip, maybe because we didn’t p[ut cream cheese in?) is a mixture of mayonnaise, a little ketchup and a shake (or two) of tabasco sauce. Not healthy, but so good! :)

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