How to Not Get Stranded on a Road Trip

Driving home with CAA SCO

Picture this. You’re driving home from a week at the In-Law’s place. It’s New Year’s Eve day, and you’re on the highway, still an hour away from home when your vehicle starts to shake and make a terrible clunking sound. You pull safely over to the shoulder of the road and stop. The next exit is in view; it’s 500 metres away. You think that you can probably get off the highway, so you inch forward and the clunking sound is even louder. It kind of feels like your van is going to fall apart, so you immediately stop, lest you blow something up or lose a wheel. 

Oh, yes, your 4 and 5 year old kids (and the 12 year old dog) are in the back of the van. With transport trucks and holiday traffic whipping by at 120 km/hr. You can feel the van swaying as it gets caught in the draft of the bigger trucks speeding along. Super. 

You need to get home because, not only are you due at a New Year’s Eve party in just a few hours, you need to make one of the main dishes to bring along.  But. You’re not stressed. You’re as cool as a cucumber, because you have CAA. Home is 150kms away, but you have the Gold membership, which includes 200kms of towing!

Driving Home with CAA SCO

The CAA agent at the call centre assures you that they’ll arrange for a tow truck with an extra long cabin so that the whole family will fit inside and you won’t have to worry about how we’re all going to get back to our house. The CAA app updates you with the estimate arrival time of the tow truck, and you sit back and listen to an audio book while you wait for help to arrive. 

Home Safe with CAA South Central Ontario

The tow truck arrives and the driver is pleasant and kind. Towing for CAA is a part-time gig for him, a way for him to earn some extra money for him and his wife to take a vacation now and again. He likes his full time work, but he really enjoys his weekends when he meets folks from all over the province and helps them out. You pack the car seats into the tow truck and everyone climbs aboard (sans the dog, who remains in the van), and before you know it, you’re back at home and your van is at the mechanics. 

Driving Home with CAA SCOOnly 2 hours behind schedule, safe and sound at home, and not a penny poorer (pending the bill from the mechanic). Now THAT’s what I’d call a pretty good way to finish off a year, not a hint of sarcasm in there. Cheers, CAA South Central Ontario! Your team helped turn a potentially terrible day into a great end to the year. I absolutely love it when investments like CAA memberships pay off. We could have been waiting for hours on the side of the road, we could have paid $200 to get paid to a mechanic right off the highway, and we could have been stranded an hour away from home. Could have. Instead, we got to celebrate the New Year with our friends, as we had planned! 

Driving Home with CAA South Central Ontario

Driving Home with CAA South Central OntarioIs your ass covered when you’re out on the road? 

This is a completely non-sponsored post. I just wanted to give a shout-out to a company that provides an excellent service! Happy New Year, CAA!


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