Combat Eczema & Other Sensitive Skin Issues with #PureHazelwood

Until 3 years ago, I never had any issues with my skin. Nothing. Ok, I had to moisturize a LOT, but that was pretty much it. And then, I had our daughter. And we ended up bottle feeding after 2 months. And I ended up hand washing bottles at least an hour a day…. which is when my eczema first appeared. 

Dry, itchy, flaky, bumpy, cracking, bleeding skin all over my my fingers. Amazing. It was persistent for a full year and a half. 

After a while, it faded, but I still get flare ups every time my hands go into dishwater, when I handle cleaning products, or even when I wear rubber gloves. The only thing that I can do about it is treat my hands really nicely and pretty much not clean. Score, right? 

Except, I just started a job this month – CLEANING our whole church. 20 hours a week. 

Hazelwood Necklace for Infant Eczema #PureHazelwood

Last month I was offered the opportunity to try out a product from Pure Hazelwood and I jumped at the chance. If the word ‘hazelwood’ sounds familiar, it’s because I posted about it (Pure Hazelwood, actually!) 2.5 years ago when my baby girl was also suffering from eczema. Seriously. You can read all about it here – I’m pretty sure that it cured her eczema. 

Anyhow. Try out a Pure Hazelwood product for myself to see how things go? Absolutely! 

Hazelwood is actually an anti-inflammatory and can relieve symptoms due to inflammation – like teething, colic, arthritis, eczema and other skin issues, and even digestive problems!  Pure Hazelwood has been the world leader in the hazelwood market for 18 years (so they know their stuff), and they’re a Canadian company that sells a Canadian product – I think that’s pretty cool in this day & age. 

Pure Hazelwood Bracelets - Eczema Jewelry?! #PureHazelwood

I was thrilled to see their gorgeous selection of bracelets – I knew that they had nice necklaces, but the the bracelets are really gorgeous! 

Pure Hazelwood GiveawayIt doesn’t look out of place with a fancy Christmas dress – I even got compliments on it at the party! {and YES, that is absolutely a bathroom mirror selfie. I’m just THAT classy. ;) }

I’ve been wearing it for couple weeks now, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I’ve been cleaning the church for two full weeks – over 50 hours of activities that normally stress my skin & bring out the eczema, and I haven’t had a single outbreak. Not even a tiny patch! 

I can feel that my skin is a little thin & fragile right now, so I’m doing a lot of moisturizing with almond oil to help strengthen it, but I have to admit, I’m kind of shocked that that’s the extent of my ‘skin problems’ so far. I can’t say definitively that it’s the Pure Hazelwood bracelet, but I’m not taking this thing off, I can tell you that! 

Pure Hazelwood Bracelet #PureHazelwood

If you’d like to try one out for yourself, you can purchase their products directly from their website, or in select pharmacies, health food stores, and baby boutiques (ah-hem Barefoot Babies, one of my fave baby stores in Hamilton).

Interested in winning a little somethingsomething? You’ve got until midnight December 15th to enter to win a $50 Visa gift card and a Pure Hazelwood product valued at $50! Pure Hazelwood Influence Central Contest

Disclaimer:  I am part of the Pure Hazelwood Influencer Campaign and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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