Easy Easter Craft: The Hatching Chick

Far too often in day to day life these days I find myself planning to do a craft with the kids, but then real life takes over and it doesn’t happen. The church needs to be cleaned, supper needs to be prepped, H-Man needs to be walked to school, we’re having a play date with friend, we need to get groceries, the house needs to be cleaned, the laundry needs to be done… On and on.

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We’ve had a blast together over March Break, though, as I made sure that we got up extra early so that we could be done cleaning the church early in the morning. Suppers were either out of the freezer or super simple, and the laundry was all finished by Monday. That meant: a trip to the movies! Long walks and bike rides out in the sun and rain! Feeding the chickadees and a visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens for the Reptile Rendezvous! LEGO building days! And CRAFTS!

Easy Easter Craft: Hatching Egg!

The most popular one we did was an easy Easter craft: a hatching chick! I loved it because it didn’t require a lot of prep and the kids loved it because they could play with it when it was done.


  • Yellow construction paper + other colours of construction paper
  • 1 brass fastener for each egg
  • markers or crayons for decorating the egg
  • scissors
  • glue stick or white glue
  • printer (if you don’t want to freestyle draw the egg & chick)

If you’re not the best at free handing simple drawings, print out an egg and a chick to use as templates for your project. This egg and this chick are the ones that I used!  

Cut out your templates and place them on the construction paper. These are Easter Eggs, so they don’t have to be on white! The chick, however, is more recognizable when it’s on yellow. Trace the shapes, then pass them over to your kids who are scissor-capable for cutting out. 

Easy Easter Crafts

Draw a crack across the middle of the egg, then have your kids decorate the eggs to their hearts’ content with the markers. If you’re feeling it, bring out the stickers and the glitter glue!

Easy Easter Egg Craft

Cut the egg along the crack, then overlap the bottom of the egg with the top and punch the brass fastener through both layers. 

Apply some glue to the bottom half of the chick, and affix it to the back of the bottom half of the shell so that it’s half emerged. 

Easy Easter Craft: Hatching Chick

You’re done! 

Hatching Easter Eggs: An Easy Easter Craft

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