Earache Remedies – Natural Care for Sore Ears

A great compilation of natural earache remedies for both children and adults

Because of all the interest and discussion about the Homemade Cough Remedy, I thought I’d share our remedies for earaches.

We were away for the weekend and didn’t have much with us to treat any problems, but my 4-year old came to us, crying about his ear.  I gave him some Tylenol and hoped that would help – I really didn’t want to go to the ER at 11pm on a Saturday evening.  But when discussing various earache remedies, my sister-in-law suggested some coconut oil for his ear.   Coconut oil has so many different uses and so many health benefits.  It has antibacterial, anti fungal and anti microbial properties, and a quick Google search showed that it would be very beneficial. 

A great compilation of natural earache remedies for both children and adults

She warmed it up in a saucepan and we checked the temperature to make sure it wasn’t too hot.  If I’d had an eyedropper, I would have used that, but we didn’t, so I took a small spoon and dropped a few drops in. It seemed to soothe it right away.  We repeated every 20 minutes or so for an hour, keeping him lying on his side so it wouldn’t drain out.  After that hour, he seemed to be in much less pain, and went right to sleep.

I was so happy to avoid the ER, as well as a round of antibiotics.  His ear seemed to be a bit sore for the next few nights, so we did this a few more times and he was fine!

A great compilation of natural earache remedies for both children and adults

(You can also melt the coconut oil by putting it in a bowl and setting that bowl in a bigger bowl of hot water).

We also found that warmth made the ear feel better. I sent him to bed with one of those rice bags that you warm up in the microwave – we put it on his pillow and he slept with his ear on it. (note: don’t make it hot – that could cause problems.  I just warmed it for less than a minute to give some slight warmth).

Remember, please check with your doctor if the problems continue or if you have any concerns.  This is just one remedy we use to soothe sore ears and may not help with chronic infections.

I’d love some more suggestions for earaches – with four boys aged 6 and under, I imagine we’re not quite done dealing with them yet!!

Update: Check out our new compilation post, where we’ve combined all the reader suggestions for earache remedies into one article.  Great ideas there!  Thanks for your ideas!

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  1. I used to do the same thing, only with olive oil or baby oil. I imagine the coconut oil is much more beneficial than the other oils.

    • Garlic oil in the ear canal is good and not harmful, its anti-bacterial but the catch is it only kills the harmful bacteria and leaves the good bacteria that your bodies need. Yes heat does help it creates a vacume and helps draw out excess fluids and relieve the pressure in the inner ear. try this, heat up a bowl of water with a wash cloth in it in the microwave for 1 to 1 1/2 min. then pour the water and wash cloth in a ziplock bag have your child or whomever lay with the hurt ear on the bag (wrapped in a handtowel of coarse) then once the bag is cooled garlic oil in the ear. repeat as needed. Also quicker fixes with pain relief and bacteria balancing effects Young Livings Melrose around the out side of ear or Young Livings Lavender.
      I Choose Young living oils because of the purity and unadulterated oil properties. http://www.youngliving.com/en_US/

    • P.S. you can make garlic oil using coconut oil ans garlic heated up together in a pan using halved cloves

    • Coconut oil also does not kill the good bacteria. It’s a well known treatment for candida. I bet a combination of coconut oil and garlic oil would be unstoppable! :)

    • A few drops of Onion juice extracted from a minced onion, and put in the ear with a syringe type object. Place cotton ball in ear to assist in keeping onion juice in area. Very similar to garlic, has same properties, but is not as strong as garlic. Worked on my 8 month old who was screaming for 7 hours straight. 10 minutes after putting it in ear, he started playing. NO ANTIBIOTICS…NO DOCTOR AND ONLY 2 APPLICATIONS (SECOND FOR GOOD MEASURE)

    • I agree that coconut is more important than other oil, and it also possible to cure ear pain. More earache remedy that can make in home can be found in http://www.earache-remedy.com

  2. add a couple drops of tea tree oil!

    • NEVER put tea tree oil in your ear. :(

    • agreed EOs aren’t supposed to go directly in the ear, but can be used all around the outside of it. We also use garlic drops and there is a natural kid’s ear drops w/ a mixture of oils & herbs that works great.

    • I heard tea tree oil once as well. Put it in my ear and was in tears because it burned so bad! Never use taht in your ears. I couldn’t imagine how that would feel in a child’s ear!

    • Put a drop of tea tree oil on a cotton ball and put it inside the ear! Works AMAZING!

    • I’ve put tea tree oil in my ear- you’re right it does burn, but it got rid of my infection in one treatment!

      • UR right. I put tea tree oil on a cotton swap and put it in both ears (quick swipe). OMG did it burn like HELL! Yet, the infection was cleared in one day. Damn it some things that are good for you really hurt. However, DO NOT use this method on an elderly person or child! Only on yourself if you are aware of the possible pain. In hindsight I should’ve dipped the cotton swab in olive oil THEN put on some tea tree oil, maybe would’nt have been so painful for the temporary time.

    • you are all correct that tea tree oil shouldn’t be used extensively in the ear in a 100% concentration,(but CAN be). However when combined with other oils, *coconut oil for one, will have a much better and faster effect than the oil on its own.

  3. As a child I had many earaches, my Grandmother used to put warmed olive oil in my ear. When I had children w/earaches I used the same remedy. Be careful, though, once I didn’t let the oil cool down quite enough!

  4. I’m a firm believer of garlic to help ear infections. Take a whole clove of garlic, peel it, and let it sit out for about an hour. Then, put the whole clove right into the ear canal before bed. Sleep with it in all night long. It is kind of stinky but it really works! If the clove is too big to fit, cut it down to size, but don’t put it in so far that you can’t get it back out.

  5. What about when the coconut oil solidifies? Won’t that clog their little ears?

  6. Great information. I have used warmed garlic oil with good results.

  7. don’t use tea tree oil!! it can damage the sensitive tissue of the inner ear. LOOK IT UP BEFORE YOU MISUSE IT.

  8. We use sweet oil for earaches. Not sure what’s in it, but it works, and it’s available anywhere.

  9. not recommended, but when I was little I had many ear aches. My Dad smoked a pipe and would blow the warm smoke in my ear. Probably not a good idea, but a fond memory.

  10. My mom would take about a cup of salt and tie it up in a thin dish towel (the ones that resembled a thin cloth diaper before it was folded). She would heat it on the stovetop with her iron skillet until it was almost too hot. Then she would wait until it was barely cool enough for us to stand it on our skin. She would have us hold it to our ear and even sleep on it if we needed to. The heat was soothing, and if there happened to be any moisture in the ear (swimmer’s ear), then the salt and heat together would draw the moisture out.

  11. Willow Garlic Oil. For pain and infection….ALWAYS ALWAYS warm anything before putting it in the ears. Of course test it as well.

  12. Ear candles are the best. Most Herb Stores sell them as well as Chiropractic Offices.

  13. Chiropractic Care is also very beneficial, especially if they are getting repeat ear infections.

    • I’ve heard good things about chiropractic for ear infections – especially if they are bad enough to need tubes put in. Apparently it happens because some bones/etc are out of allignment, so it would make sense that some adjustments would help out with that!

    • I’m sorry but I don’t get how that makes any sense whatsoever…I don’t see how getting a Chiro adjustment is going to help the ears. How does a misalignment of bones have anything to do with an infection!? Seems a little fishy and completely against logic. Chiropracters must be getting magical powers nowadays!!

      As far as using the oils that actually have antibacterial/healing properties…THAT would be worth trying.

    • It does seem rather strange that chiropractic care could help. But I read from Dr. Sears that “chiropractic adjustments to the skull and neck can improve middle ear drainage and decrease ear infections,” and that seemed to make a little more sense. (http://www.askdrsears.com/topics/childhood-illnesses/ear-infections) Other professionals seem to agree.

    • Think of all the bones you have in your skull and neck. If they are misaligned, it could compress drainage ducts that are between those bones, therefore causing ear infections. It actually makes a lot of sense and definitely something to consider.

    • My daughter had chronic ear infections as a child. They were so bad we were at the pediatrician every 10 days for a new antibiotic. She had tubes placed and still had infections. I took her to a family friend who was a chiropractor. He adjusted her neck and back and was able to tell me which ear was infected. He didn’t charge me a penny and saw her everyday until her infection was cleared up then a couple of times a week for a month, then once a month for a while then every six months after that. She never had another ear infection after that. By the way for all of those who will say he didn’t charge me because I was a friend, he never charged any parent who brought their child because he thought that every child deserved the best care regardless of their parents ability to pay. He also recommended garlic oil for ear infections and it helped my other daughter who had occasional infections.

    • I love your friend, that is such an awesome attitude for a doctor to have. I am happy to hear that your daughter found relief. As an adult I still have ear infections. The doctor always looks at me and says “but ear infections are for little kids.” I am going to try this coconut oil remedy.

      • Sorry to say but, it sounds like you need a new doctor because clearly adults get them as well! My significant other gets them severely, not as often as when he was younger but still just as bad. The fact that your doctor thinks that adults don’t get ear infections should be a red flag.

    • My grandson has horrible ear infections. As long as he goes to the chiropractor every week, they stay well. Wish I had done this with his daddy – maybe HIS ears would be better!

    • I know it sounds crazy but when the atlas (top bone in the neck) gets out of alignment it can cause the Eustachian tube (the tube that connects the middle ear and the throat) to remain closed. When this happens the natural fluids that form in the middle ear for lubrication build up and stagnate causing infection. My daughter ruptured ear drums 13 times before chiropractic treatment was suggested. She has not had one since.

    • Garlic/Mullein Oil.
      It is wonderful to know that chiropractic care can actually help with ear infections. I have a history of ear infections. Many when I was a child. Always treated with heat source outside the ear. Not very effective but better than nothing. Still get them as an adult. Most of my children and grandchildren get them too. The specialist told me that children get them more often because often the Eustachian tubes are a little long. As they grow the tubes stretch and no longer become kinked so often. By the time I was an adult I had so much scar tissue. I still get ear infections if I get a cold. Three of my six children had tubes placed. I was determined not to let their ears become as damaged as mine. My youngest child three times. She is now 28 and still gets occasional ear infections. Her left drum is horribly scarred and paper thin. It ruptures without much provocation.
      For my grandchildren we have used Garlic and Mullein oil. It is sold already prepared and works quite well. They may have it at Whole Foods, probably at any health food store or you could make your own. My physician who is also an herbalist (integrative medicine doc) is the one who now treats me and my kids, and grandkids for most things. It is pretty amazing how successful the herbal remedies have been. There are occasional times we need an antibiotic, last Nov my Emma had Pnuemonia and had to have antibiotics. Two trips to the urgent care, one trip to the ER and finally the doc at the clinic figured out what I knew from the beginning. That there are times when an antibiotic is needed. It is not my first choice ever. Powerful antibiotics disturb the gut and upset the balance of good/bad bacteria.
      Good luck to you all.

    • Also, I use any kind of beans in a pillow case, tie a knot in the bottom and put it in the microwave for a minute or two. If you burn them or they start getting old they begin to smell off. This makes a great reusable heating pad for anywhere on your body. It holds the heat better than rice. Don’t make it too tight because you might want it to spread out under you to sleep on.

  14. Coco nut oil melts at 77degrees,makes sense to use for reasos listed. As a child I was plagued with leg pains and went to the Chiropracor who was Japanese and had many holistic remedies. For earaches he had my mom shred a carrot into a handkerchief squeeze the juice into a teaspoon and drip directly into my ear,unheated. He said it put vitamin A directly on the source.It hurt for a second then instant relief.Weird but it worked.

  15. we also use ear candles. There are mixed statements on whether or not they work, but they are very soothing to an ear infection or a compacted ear we found when my husband had that issue! Also a 1:1 mix of peroxide and alcohol is great too. AND my 2 cents on chiropractic is it does work and is very proven to be effective. Like others mentioned before there are a lot of bones, etc in the head/ear and it helps keep the canal draining, but also anytime you get adjusted or any kind of body work it stimulates the body’s response system and that is another reason chiropractic is effective.

    • Ear candles may help ear infections, but they don’t draw out ear wax as claimed. So many people swear by them for that purpose, and offer the visible waxy residue left over as evidence, but if you burn one in a jar, it still creates the same waxy residue.

  16. 50/50 Vinegar/Water Solution – a few drops 4 times daily will kill the bacteria – avoided antibiotics. Better the next day. Important to use the good quality vinegar, with the “mother”.

  17. Yes chiropractic works! When the two top bones of the cervical spine (axis & atlas) have a subluxation (out of alignment). That will cause blockage of fluid which will create an ear infection. An adjustment to drain this out.

    Garlic Mullen OIL….this is what you want to buy at a natural health store, its in a dropper bottle. I warm it up buy rolling it in my hands for a few minutes. works amazing!

    For swimmers ear infections. Equal parts rubbing alcohol and distilled white vinager. put a few drops in after you go swimming if you are prone to having ear aches or infections from swimming (especially in lakes)

  18. I know chiropractic works and also does the oil remedy.Thanks for sharing

  19. had my 4 year old son screaming from an ear ache last night. I thought we’d end up at the er. He finally let me put some numbing drops in, which I had from last time. My chiropractor brother in law taught me a trick where you can pull on the outer, straight out to open the tubes, then run your finger along the bone right behind the ear. It really hurts if there is a problem, but it helps drain the ear. I’ll have to try to coconut oil thing. Thanks!

    • Okay I just tried the ear tug trick. OMgosh it works. I also massage my tonsils (no gag reflex here) and it drains my sinuses and ears too. Although I don’t think the tonsil trick would work with an earache.

  20. Lay on a heating pad and take Tylenol…as I was told by a Dr when I was pregnant when I couldn’t get to the Dr’s at night

  21. I’ve had success with olive oil, crushed garlic and colloidal silver, warmed and then a few drops placed in the ear, with massaging the area where the jaw meets the neck. This worked for my kids this winter when they still had ear infections even after a round of antibiotics. This is what we will use next time and skip the antibiotics.

  22. As a child my mother used olive oil and I remember one time she didn’t let it cool down enough. I believe this is not recommended anymore to put any type of oil in the ear.

  23. which would work if it’s not an ear infection, but clear liquid causing pressure in the ear? Maybe the salt trick to absorb the liquid?

  24. Please do not blow smoke into a child’s or adult’s ear(s)! The reason this “works” is because the smoke formed from burning cigarettes and cigars(is toxic)slowly kills the nerves found in the ear. It is also important to remember that any treatment, whether prescriptions or holistic, should not be overused or used without discretion. Even the safe, homemade remedies can prove dangerous or fatal. As others have voiced, do research and make informed decisions based on what you feel is best for yourself and your loved ones. I’ve learned a lot from this post and saw a couple of suggestions that are new to me and I’m anxious to try out!

    • Thanks for coming by, and I’m glad you got some great ideas! I think the above comments were talking about what their parents/grandparents *used* to do, not what you should do. Thanks for clarifying, though!

  25. Just remember that earaches and ear “infections” can be two entirely different things. Ear infections are also very common in children because of the proximity of the eustachian tubes to the respiratory tract. Untreated, ear infections can lead to more serious complications, including mastoiditis (inflammation of a bone adjacent to the ear), hearing loss, perforation of the eardrum, meningitis, facial nerve paralysis, and possibly — in adults — Meniere’s disease. If there is no fever and you can get through the night I suppose that is your call but I definitely think it is wise to have a child checked by a professional for earaches associated with fever.

  26. Having 5 grown children, I had a lot of experience with this – especially with our second baby. FIRST – get an earscope (try Sears or Walmart). You can look in each other’s ears and see what NORMAL looks like. Then when you see red, or wax or bulging you KNOW that it is different. SO, we had a little guy who got sick with every tooth he got, beforehand. He had rounds of antibiotics for 6 months until they told me ear tubes were the last resort and needed. MY LINE POPPED UP THERE. I just couldn’t subject my little baby to surgery! So I started asking questions of everyone. I was pointed to books by a Dr. about Common Childhood diseases and remedies. Can’t remember his name. We also found friends who used the garlic oil. First have to make sure there is no ruptured eardrum (don’t panic, still can be worked with even after that!). If not, use the oil for 6 days/nights. Take the 7th off and then check the ear again on the 8th. If it looks normal, you are finished with this round, if not – do it again for 6 days. We did this with our baby for about 6 months. Remember he had been on several rounds of antibiotics and they had NOT cleared up the infection either! This eventually worked! He tolerated this a lot better than antibiotics with NO side effects. Google natural ear infection remedies and you can get lots more help! Even this is temporary and will pass. Now it is a memory… and good advice I can now pass on!

  27. Do you think using the oil would work on a dogs ear infection? My poor pup gets ear infections a lot:( I am tired of taking her to the vet, paying the huge bills just to have her on antibiotics and then having to go back a second time because the antibiotics didn’t work!

  28. The more I read about Coconut Oil the more it seems to be a miracle cure for everything. Thank you for sharing this tip!

  29. Luckily my two toddlers haven’t had many ear aches or ear infections, but I am always happy to learn about home remedies that work, just in case. Thanks for sharing!

  30. I used sweet oil on my earaches. It took the pain away immediately and had no future problems. My doctor said my reoccuring problem was due to washing my hair with my head back. So I changed the way I wash my hair.

  31. If your dog keeps getting ear infections then he has allergies, most likely to the food he is eating, or he has folded ears….if its the food try a lamb and rice or duck and potato formula (just not corn and wheat). If his ear are folded use the vinegar and water solution daily until the infection is cleared up, then use every other day and diligently keep ears dried out.

    As for ear infections, on small children, their Eustachian tubes are more horizontal than vertical, connecting to the throat, making it easy for bacteria to travel up them to their middle ear, where the first small bone (of three in the ear), the stapes is located and vibrates as a result of the movement of the eardrum. Anyway, if these bones are misaligned there is an interruption of hearing, not drainage. The use of the chiropractor might cause the eustachian tube to drain due to straightening but he really cannot manipulate the bones in the ear, nor do the bones of the spinal column effect the drainage of the ear. The best thing to do is use anti-allergy meds during the time of year when grass, tree, and chenopods are blooming and releasing their microscopic pollen into the environment.

    A medical study was conducted and showed that approximately 80% of all ear infections will clear up on their own. Unfortunately, we don’t know which ones will clear up without the use of antibiotics therefore leading to overuse of antibiotics. The use of a decongestant will usually help though. As it is the extra fluid in the middle ear that causes the pain relayed by the eardrum. Sometimes we can experience INTENSE ear pain without infection as the pressure behind the eardrum causes it to bulge, and “oh my G*d in heaven” it hurts….hence the use of decongestants.

    Anyway, I could continue on forever as I have suffered ear infections all my childhood and into my adult life. Gratefully, they have subsided since I reached my 40′s, but I have suffered through ruptured ear drums many times.

    • this is so interesting! my doctor has prescribed anti allergy meds to my little girl, instead of anti biotics, for what he referred to as a middle ear infection…… i couldnt understand why until i just read this post!! he’s obviously generalising when he says ‘infection’ and its actually just ‘earache’ – pain from the pressure placed on her eardrum, which he described as red. So anti allergy meds ARE the best form of treatment! thankyou so much :o)) if the pain persists tomorrow i may try the coconut oil – i love using it for many different reasons x

  32. My naturopath once suggested onions. Basically, you cut the onion in half and bake it in the oven at 325 for about 20 minutes until it becomes translucent. Allow it to cool a bit, and then hold it on the affected ear for about 15 minutes. She said to do it once or twice a day. My kids have always found the warmth very soothing.

  33. I live in Italy and always heard from the elders and tradition to use olive oil, my son recently had an ear infection and I called the natural doctor and believe or not she said ok olive oil, but even better Castor oil (warm not hot) and if the child would sit still the ideal was to chop up some onions steam heat them in a gauze or thin sock and lay it on the ear covering the ear and the part behind the ear near the neck… smells like onion but works really well.
    If the infection is bad its necessary to take something even homeopathic to avoid perforation of the ear drum never take an ear infection lightly.

  34. Great info. Colloidal Silver is what I regularly use to clear up infections in my little girls ears. A couple of drops in each ear and let it set for a couple of minutes per side after dropped in. Do it several times a day for 10 days and it clears it up. I give it to her in her mouth also. It helps fight whatever infection is going on. I’ve taken her to the doctor to confirm ear infection and after to confirm it cleared it up. You have to do it to both sides though, even if the infection is only in 1 ear, it seems to spread to the other ear otherwise.

  35. I would be VERY careful about oil in the ear & then letting the child sleep with something warm afterwards. My mom had an ear ache as a child, her mother put oil in her ear then she laid down for a nap with a heating pad on a very low heat. She woke up shortly after with the heating pad covered in blood – her eardrum had burst!

  36. i have a 1 year old and she has tubes in her ears because of the manymany ear infections weve had to deal with this. she still gets them because of her allergies just not as bad because they drain. question is can u use the oil with her having tubes like that??

  37. A few weeks ago, I had an upper respiratory infection along with an earache. Upon visiting the doctor, he advised me not to use heat on the ear when having an earache. He stated heat can cause the eardrum to burst.

  38. I’m pretty skeptical about how safe this is. You would have to know 100% that the child doesn’t have a hole in their ear drum or you world be putting the oil in the middle ear where the fluid is. Most kids and adults don’t know or feel if they have a hole. Only 3 layers of skin of the ear drum separate the outside air to the inside of your body. The oil can also change the PH balance in the ear canal that can cause an infection of the skin in the canal. please ask a doctor, ENT, or audiologist before doing this.

  39. If your babes are young enough, putting breastmilk in the ear also helps!

  40. I think it is the lauric acid in the mother’s milk like virgin coconut oil has in it that has microbial properties that help keep down fungus and bacteria in the ear canal.

  41. If you don’t want to stick anything in or around your ear, my parents stumbled on this “solution” when I was young. I suffered from chronic ear pain and infections, and one night on a weekend when they couldn’t get a hold of our doctor they pulled out a natural home remedy book that said to try this. It got to the point where I would do it myself if I felt an earache coming on.
    Get a pan or dish large enough for both feet to fit in. (I used one of those plastic throw-up things they give you at the hospital.) Fill it about 3/4 full of water as hot as you can stand to touch. Add about 3 tablespoons of dry mustard powder and stir. Then stick your feet in it and soak for as long as you can.
    Sounds weird, huh? But it worked!

  42. I think I have eczema in my ears. My ears get incrediby itching and the only thing that helps is using an earbud and scratching like crazy. The only thing is it usually ends up bleeding…………reckon the coconut/olive, etc oil would help that?

  43. Coconut oil is a really good cure for earaches. I generally use olive oil, I did not know that coconut oil works too. Thanks for sharing.

  44. we use one part alcohol and one part vinegar at the first mention of pain. warm slightly. Definitely do not make it too hot.

  45. This is a fantastic tip! I get earaches all the time, and a family member has a perforated eardrum. I would just recommend having your child see the doctor when you get the chance, since dulling the pain of an infection isn’t the same as getting rid of an infection. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve drank a few gallons of cranberry juice and azo just to go to the doctor and have them say that I would have been hospitalized if I had waited any longer.

  46. I found the remedy for the earache to be very useful. Thank you very much for sharing it!!

  47. can i use this remedy for infants too??

  48. Coconut oil for Dog’s REALLY smelly ear-MIRACLE!! (even called wonderful beloved vet to tell her of this miracle cure)

    Tried vet and board certif derm, topical antibiotics and oral….(much exp. w/MANY long eared dogs…..first yorkie w/ ear infs/yeasty ears…months of vet/antibiotics….gone/returns).

    One night LATE sudden extremely smelly same ear–never ever smelled any ear so bad esp so fast (cleand ears daily in a.m.) Tried a small chunk of virgin coconut oil (no need to melt–need to use clean back of fingernail to dig out a small chunk and sandwich into ear canal)

    MIRACLE in seconds really no smell–few seconds of ear canal massaging and outer ear full of waxy/gunk–cleaned, reapplied…..in a.m. totally normal ear: not red and not swollen and no smell.

    Have now used in MY EARS (itchy/dry/flakey–very soothing, ) and all 4 other long eared dogs. Does not get gooy/oozy at all like all other oils and topicals….makes small chunks of quite dry wax come out by next day.

    AMAZING stuff–tried on so much since–wowsy- MIRACLE on yorkie ankle skin chewed up from inhalent allergies (yes, treated–thousands spent, but recurrent)…all other stuff made him hurt when applied–usually tugged his little hands out and looked at me as tho I was abusing him). Almost healed in about a month(husb. even noticed difference and asked what I was using now–said almost normal again). Today he was even licking my fingers when I was applying it (and it is food grade so safe to eat too). He is NOT a licker or kisser, so this had REAL meaning. Plus it does not seem to make him lick skin more which I was afraid of as he is a food lover.

    • I am so happy to read this for yorkies!! It is a constant battle with ears. I know coconut oil is really good. I just never thought to use for animal ears. THANK YOU so much! Going to try it right now!

  49. Hi!My son has had ear tubes in 2xs, once had to have them removed (b/c of a hole developing in his eardrum…which has since healed) Currently he again has fluid (he’s 4) built up and his ENT wants to do tubes again. I’m not so sure.
    Any advice? I’m a litle nervous about oil in his ears, especially with the former hole in his ear drum…TIA!

    • Hi! That’s too bad for your little one – I can understand wanting to avoid the tubes again. I would avoid the oil for now, but I’d definitely look into chiropriactic, as some people have mentioned. It can’t hurt, and maybe it’ll even help! Good luck!

  50. Well due to or change in insurance benefits, I have been trying to avoid evey possible way to go to the doctor. everythng is out of pocket until $2500…uggg…but I bought this neat book (very cheap) at B.A.M..”1801 Home Remedies” It has everything that you could think of plus more….One thing that I hve done is bought a cheap $17 ear scope at Walmart…great for detected an infection vs just ear pain from wind or pressure, etc. but Peroxide was even recommended by my doctor for dropping it in the ear to kill bacteria that causes thoe stinkin infections…they will possibly flip out, not from the pain, but the bubbling sound it makes in the ear is strangly scary. It works though…I have done this and also bought a tonic from my local herbal store…”Combination CBG Extract” ear clear formula (NOT TO BE PUT IN THE EAR) place a few drops (1/4t for children)in all natural juice or water and drink 3x day. We advoided a trip to our Doctor….

  51. Nutribiotic Ear Drops. (Grapefruitseed extract) Absolutely magical stuff. Wouldn’t be without it. We use it on cuts, zits, rashes and, of course, for ears. When my twins started college this year, I made sure each of them had a bottle to take with, along with a bottle of GSE capsules to take internally when they are feeling any illness coming on.

  52. definitely got help from my chiropractor – if you pull on your ear lobe downward 3 times and then up, you will hear a little pop – it relieves something in your ear canal, maybe pressure or fluid, whatever, and it helps it feel better/heal

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  55. Warming up natural oils seems like a good relief for unexpected earaches, especially when on vacation. Thanks for sharing.

  56. Interesting tips. I’ve got my fingers crossed that my son won’t get many or any ear infections. (Maggie K.)

  57. I use 1/4 cup olive oil with 1 clove of garlic (minced). I slightly heat up mixture, let cool then strain garlic so you just have the oil. Then apply 2-3 drops in ear. Has always worked for me and kiddos. Also, I put cornmeal into a cloth and rubberband. Then heat in microwave, as hot as you can stand it. Then lay it on ear. I used this when I was pregnant with a bad infection and couldn’t take anything. Worked wonders! Never thought about coconut oil. I can’t wait to try with my yorkie per advice from previous post. It’s a constant battle with his ears! Thank you!

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