Dragons: Race to the Edge! #StreamTeam

 I don’t know about your families, but our boys are always ready for adventure!  Whether it’s ninjas, pirates, or superheroes, their dramatic play always involves heroes and excitement! As they fight the invisible bad guys, they develop so many skills, and feed their active imaginations.  That’s why they were so excited to hear that Netflix had a new series about Hiccup and his dragon, Toothless, called Dragons: Race to the Edge! They had already seen the How to Train Your Dragon movies, so the series was right up their alley!


 We were invited to a Dragons red carpet event. Jenn & I both went and took our kids.


There were viking activities for the kids, face painting, a photo booth, and lots and lots of “dragon food.” The boys loved lounging in the bean bag chairs to preview the show.


 And what a show!! Non-stop action and adventure with all our favourite Dragon characters.  The kids were completely hooked, after just two episodes. They were upset that we had to wait a whole week until the show came to Netflix


  So if you’re looking for a fun, family adventure on Netflix, check out Dragons: Race to the Edge, now streaming!

 What have you been enjoying on Netflix lately?

Disclosure: I’m a member of the Netflix Stream Team and I receive special perks in exchange for talking about Netflix. My opinions are always my own. 

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  1. We sat down to watch this recently and my boys loved it. It’s very cute.

  2. My grandson would love “Dragon’s Race to the Edge” as he is a cartoon kid. He really enjoys super hero’s etc We have Netflix, my oldest son watches all the old series from the beginning to present or the last episode. He really enjoyed “Breaking Bad” but it was not my style.

  3. Thanks to Netflix, we were finally able to see this movie. The girls loved it.

  4. My kids love the dragon series. The last one is the cutest.

  5. So glad to read this review, I bet my grandchildren would love this movie too.

  6. That actually does look really cute. I need to make sure my sister knows about this for her girls!

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