Crazy Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas That Won’t Cost a Mint #StreamTeam

Easy Last Minute Costumes

Maybe that one essential part of their costume got lost in the sea of toys that flows through your house. Perhaps you were certain that you put that one costume in the storage room, but it seems to have evaporated. Or perhaps you thought they’d finally fit into that size 8 Ninja Turtle costume that you picked up on clearance a couple years ago for $3, but when you took it out, you realized that it was a size 10 and it looks ridiculous on them. 

Or, since children are fickle creatures, maybe they have been saying ALL YEAR LONG that they want to be Captain America, and despite the fact that you spent the last several months carefully curating the costume, all of a sudden and for inexplicable reasons, Captain America is OUT and child has no further ideas. 

And it’s the day before Halloween. The day before the ONE DAY of the year when they go to school fully costumed and parade around as their alter egos. The most magical day of all, the day that adults all over the city hand out candy and chocolates as a reward for acting like someone else!

So you’re left with three options: 1) pull a rabbit out of your hat and create the most magnificent costume in less than 24 hours, 2) head to the store and wait in line for an hour to pay a fortune for the pathetic leftovers on the shelf at this point, or 3) sacrifice a white table cloth or old bedsheet for the old standby ghost costume.

I’m here this morning to say, Fear Not, Good (& Exhausted) Parents of the World, For I Bring You Good Tidings of Great Joy: These Netflix-Inspired Costumes Are a Snap to Put Together, and Won’t Cost You a Mint!

I typically start with the costume that we already have the most / biggest ticket items for, and then beg, borrow, or, last resort, buy the remaining pieces. 

No-Sew Care Bears Costume - Last Minute Halloween CostumeHow super cute is this DIY Care Bares outfit? Just match up the colour of their sweater with the coordinating Care Bear! Check it out over at Simply Real Moms! 

Beat Bugs Halloween Costume - Last Minute Halloween CostumeAll you need is love! And some runners, shorts, tights, t-shirt, and some winter gear! 

Pee-wee Herman Costume - Last Minute Halloween CostumeHave a leftover suit from his Ring Bearer days? Throw in a red bow tie and you’ve got a mini Pee-Wee!  Check it out over at Simply Real Moms! 

King Julien Costume - Last Minute Halloween Costume 

Easy Lego Ninjago Costume - Creative Mom on a Dime

Creative Mom on a Dime has a winner here! Great, easy instructions – this costume will be together in no time!

Kids a big fan of Lego Ninjago? Check out what Mom on a Dime has done with her son – just a t-shirt and pants that match in colour, and then a pretty simple cardboard top that you can let your kid paint for themselves! Voila!

Bob the Builder Costume - Easy  Halloween CostumeOveralls + Plaid Shirt + Duct Tape + Hard Hat from the toy box = Bob the Builder! Stop over at PBS Parents for the easy instructions on how to make this tool belt and assemble the outfit. 

Miss Frizzle Costume - Easy Last Minute CostumesThis one requires some felt, scissors, and a plain blue dress – the blog post over at Simplistic Creations is an adult costume, but how cute would a little girl be dressed up like this? 

 Disclaimer: We’re a part of the Netflix StreamTeam! However, we don’t receive monetary compensation for our participation and all of our opinions are, as always, our own! 

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