Olympic Snacking & Giveaway #ProudToBeCDN


With the upcoming Winter Olympics, the excitement in our house is building.  Sliding on the ice has become “speed-skating”. Mini-hockey games in the basement have become full-out Olympic events. Sledding down our hill has become “bobsled.”   We are so excited to cheer on Team Canada as they compete in Sochi.  We’re also looking forward to learning about other countries, and cheering on ... Read More »

Spooky Fun Fall Snacks – Perfect for Halloween!


I think that we can all agree that Pinterest is full of amazing & fun food ideas for kids. In the average day, I’ll admit – I just don’t want to spend the time to make these fun treats. However, one a week for the past few weeks, we’ve been doing some fun treats for snack or lunch – and the ... Read More »

Freezer Baking for Back to School


So….because of our older two heading (back) to school, I’m going to have to be making lunches for the first time.  For kids that rely heavily on peanut butter sandwiches, it will take some creativity to figure something out for our nut-free school.  For snacks, I’d like to send something with lots of protein and not much sugar – so I’d ... Read More »

Flourless “Hummus Crackers”


MR – As soon as I saw the picture of this pin, I knew I had to try it – they looked delicious, easy, and very healthy – exactly what I look for in recipes.  And as for it being gluten-free, I know that I can feed it to a friend’s child, or recommend it to family members who are ... Read More »

Banana Nutbutter Protein Muffins – Grain Free, Sugar Free!


Almost two weeks ago now, I had my first weigh-in for a local Biggest Loser competition for moms/women in my area.  I’m not trying to lose 50lbs and I highly doubt that I will actually be in the running by the end of the 6 week challenge (thankfully, it’s based on % of bodyweight lost, not the number of pounds!), ... Read More »

100% Guilt-Free Potato Chips!


As I continue to try to make healthier choices, I’m always thrilled to find  a healthy snack that tastes like it’s not healthy.    These potato chips taste like real potato chips, except that they have no fat and just a little salt! Take one medium potato.  Either scrub it or peel it.  Slice it with a mandoline slicer at the ... Read More »

Roasted Chickpeas – Salt & Vinegar


I often enjoy munching on something salty – especially as we play our weekly games of Settlers & Dominion.  But these days, I’m trying to eat a bit healthier, so I thought I’d try this recipe for roasted chickpeas.  I’m not a huge fan of them on their own, or in recipes (other than hummus).  But the picture looked so appealing, ... Read More »

Make Your Own Microwave Popcorn for $0.25!


I’m 18 weeks pregnant and my stomach has not been my friend for the past 14 weeks.  I learned with my first pregnancy, however, that the more often I eat, the less nauseous I am, so I graze all day long until I finally go to bed.  Some of the baking posts that I have posted on here were the ... Read More »

Single Serve Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


I, like many children, loved eating spoonfuls of cookie dough when I was little…sooo good!  But eventually I realized that we were eating the raw eggs as part of it, and I just couldn’t let myself eat that anymore.  So when I saw this pin for safe-to-eat, eggless cookie dough, I was very interested.  Aside from just eating it from a bowl, ... Read More »