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Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies


Hey!  This is our 100th post!  Happy 100 to us!  :) This weekend, I’m heading off to a friend’s cottage with 5 other girls from work, and I’m super excited for a) a weekend at a cottage and b) a weekend off from being mommy!  However, heading out to a cottage for a weekend with 6 ladies means that we need ... Read More »

Cauliflower Tater Tots – Low Carb, Gluten Free!


As I continue my journey into wheat-free cooking for my dear little guy, I find that there seems to be no end to new recipes to try on Pinterest.  The latest was an imitation Tater Tot recipe – made with cauliflower!  Find the inspiration for my post here.  The brilliance of this recipe is that it has 2 ingredients: 1 ... Read More »

“I Can’t Believe it’s Not Ice Cream!”


It looked too easy – ice cream made from four frozen bananas processed in the food processor until it became smooth and creamy. Add a scoop of peanut butter, some cocoa powder and it’s done.  And it’s supposed to taste like ice cream? I tried it with 2 of my kids. They loved pulsing the food processor, and of course, ... Read More »

Cloud ‘Bread’ – Gluten/wheat-free Bread Replacement


In keeping with the wheat-free trend for my little man, I finally got around to trying this Cloud ‘Bread’ recipe, found here.  My little H loves his bread, and breakfast has been a hardship since he’s had to give up toast. Fluffy meringues waiting to be baked. This recipe is extremely easy to whip up – so long as you ... Read More »

Homemade Chocolate Syrup


I had come across this recipe a while back from a great site MrsJanuary.com. It was a recipe for a Nesquick-type of chocolate syrup. We don’t use this very often, but I thought it would be nice to have around as we head in to summer (ice cream season). I just like the fact that it doesn’t contain all those ... Read More »

Tasty & Easy Dessert: Fried Bananas & Chocolate Sauce


The other day, I picked up a whole bunch of bananas for only $0.15/lb because they were starting to brown.  That night, we had some friends over for drinks in the evening, and I didn’t have any dessert to feed them, so I searched my go-to site, AllRecipes.com, for ‘banana dessert’ and came up with this recipe.  I melted the ... Read More »

Quick & Delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies


I needed a quick & easy treat to bring to our church to feed some volunteers for our church’s renovations.  I didn’t have much time, and there happened to be a great sale on cake mixes at the store, so I thought I’d search for an easy cake mix recipe.  There are a LOT of them out there.This brownie recipe looked simple ... Read More »

Strawberry Rhubarb Dump Cake

featured rhubarb

Prepare yourself.  This is the easiest and fastest ‘cake’ recipe you will ever find.  As the title would suggest, this is a dump cake.  Meaning, you grease your pan, dump your ingredients into it, and stick it into the oven.  You don’t even have to dirty a spoon for this!  I can’t tell you where this recipe originated – all ... Read More »

BLT Pasta Salad with Smart KD


I found this BLT Pasta Salad recipe last summer on Pinterest, and made it quite a few times.  Given the remarkably hot and humid weather we’ve had this week (it’s still only May!  Come on!), I’ve been wracking my brain for those easy to prepare, low energy, minimal cooking recipes that I dig out every summer.  I remembered the BLT ... Read More »