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Soft Pretzels

Featured Pretzels

(MR) So as you may have noticed, I’ve been out of comission lately, with a badly broken wrist (of course, my right hand!). My broken wrist and my son’s 3 teeth that got knocked out But I figured that I have  to do something – I’m getting pretty bored these days.  So I thought we’d try some soft pretzels.  I ... Read More »

GF Churros with GF Bisquick #LMDConnector

Featured Churros_Gluten_Free_Drinking_Chocolate

10 years ago this semester, I was studying in Oxford, England, on an exchange program. 10 years ago this week, I was on ‘reading’ break in Alicante, Spain. It was wonderful and amazing. We did a great many things there, like climb palm trees and walk along the Costa Blanca for 6 hours, but one of my favourite things that ... Read More »

Garden Theme Birthday Cake

Vegetable Garden Cake

This year, we were flying back from Florida on Hendrik’s birthday – so his party got delayed a few weeks. A February party turned into a March party and, since Hendrik is so excited to plant the garden with me in the spring, I settled on a gardening party (not to be confused with a garden party!). I took my pinspiration from ... Read More »

GF {& Paleo} Snickerdoodles #LMDConnector


I seem to be fairly alone in this opinion, but I’ve never been impressed by Snickerdoodles. The first time I heard that someone made Snickerdoodles for a cookie exchange, I was really excited. I was conjuring up images of melted chocolate, gooey caramel, crunchy peanuts. What I actually ate was a fairly plain flour cookie with cinnamon seasoning on top. Huh. Not ... Read More »

Minion Birthday Cake


Thank you to Jenn and Marya for invitng me to do a guest post. My kids love the movies Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. Of course, their favourite characters are the Minions. What is not to love about those goofy yellow characters?  My son, E, recently turned 6 so a Minion birthday cake was a perfect fit for him. ... Read More »

Easy Strawberry Cheese Cake Ice Cream: #ValentinesDay Dessert!


First off, I need to say this: Listen Closely and Pay Attention: this dessert is SUPER easy, but you NEED to start making it 1.5 days before you plan on serving it. It requires ~4 hours of freezing and then 8 hours of freezing time.I’ve seen Ice Cream recipes on Pinterest before, but I’ve never tried them because I don’t have ... Read More »

#GF Cinnamon Heart Chex Treats for Valentine’s Day #LMDConnector


We love Chex in our house. Not only are they gluten free, but they’re one of our favourite cereals to use when making treats! From Puppy Chow to Chex Mix and the fantastic variations of each, to crispy rice cereal squares – those little puffy squares are deserving vessels of yummy goodness. I have to admit. I wasn’t going to ... Read More »

Gooey Butter Tart Squares


We love butter tarts here, but I’m not a big fan of the process involved.  My sister-in-law makes wonderful butter tarts at Christmas time, so that’s when we get to enjoy them. But this Butter Tart Square recipe is a close second.  It’s much easier, less prep work, and still tastes great! Look at that gooey, sticky goodness!   Here’s ... Read More »

Pepperoni Pizza Quiche


I decided far too late yesterday that I wanted to eat pizza for dinner. Two problems with this: 1) I couldn’t make pizza dough & have dinner on the table within 1.5 hours; 2) We’re trying to eat fewer wheat products, and a pizza crust doesn’t mesh with that goal. But, one day a few months ago, I bought a ... Read More »