Gluten Free

Flourless “Hummus Crackers”


MR – As soon as I saw the picture of this pin, I knew I had to try it – they looked delicious, easy, and very healthy – exactly what I look for in recipes.  And as for it being gluten-free, I know that I can feed it to a friend’s child, or recommend it to family members who are ... Read More »

Mediterranean Tomato, Chicken, Artichoke, & Quinoa Skillet


Continuing on with the low-carb, high protein theme, last night I used this recipe for “Mediterranean Pizza Skillet” as a jumping off point.  However, I don’t like olives, I didn’t have Italian Seasoning, and I didn’t want to serve it with a side of carbs.  I ended up with a very tasty supper, and even my incredibly picky two year ... Read More »

Banana Nutbutter Protein Muffins – Grain Free, Sugar Free!


Almost two weeks ago now, I had my first weigh-in for a local Biggest Loser competition for moms/women in my area.  I’m not trying to lose 50lbs and I highly doubt that I will actually be in the running by the end of the 6 week challenge (thankfully, it’s based on % of bodyweight lost, not the number of pounds!), ... Read More »

Fudgy Brownies – no flour, no sugar!!


MR - In my ongoing quest to eat healthier and to feed my growing boys healthy foods, I’ve been intrigued by some recipes on Pinterest.  These flour-free brownies have been making the rounds, so I thought I’d check out this one by Scarletta Bakes, Black Bean Brownies.    The pictures looked great and the comments from readers were very positive, so ... Read More »

Cauliflower Tater Tots – Low Carb, Gluten Free!


As I continue my journey into wheat-free cooking for my dear little guy, I find that there seems to be no end to new recipes to try on Pinterest.  The latest was an imitation Tater Tot recipe – made with cauliflower!  Find the inspiration for my post here.  The brilliance of this recipe is that it has 2 ingredients: 1 ... Read More »

Cloud ‘Bread’ – Gluten/wheat-free Bread Replacement


In keeping with the wheat-free trend for my little man, I finally got around to trying this Cloud ‘Bread’ recipe, found here.  My little H loves his bread, and breakfast has been a hardship since he’s had to give up toast. Fluffy meringues waiting to be baked. This recipe is extremely easy to whip up – so long as you ... Read More »

Tasty & Easy Dessert: Fried Bananas & Chocolate Sauce


The other day, I picked up a whole bunch of bananas for only $0.15/lb because they were starting to brown.  That night, we had some friends over for drinks in the evening, and I didn’t have any dessert to feed them, so I searched my go-to site,, for ‘banana dessert’ and came up with this recipe.  I melted the ... Read More »

Cauliflower-crust Pizza – Gluten/grain free! (and soo tasty!)


In keeping with the grain-free diet that we’re trying to keep our little guy on, I’ve tried out a few grain-free recipes.  This past weekend, I put together a cauliflower crust for our pizza using this recipe.  I’ll be honest – it takes a lot longer to put this together than it does to throw regular pizza crust ingredients into ... Read More »

Roasted Chickpeas – Salt & Vinegar


I often enjoy munching on something salty – especially as we play our weekly games of Settlers & Dominion.  But these days, I’m trying to eat a bit healthier, so I thought I’d try this recipe for roasted chickpeas.  I’m not a huge fan of them on their own, or in recipes (other than hummus).  But the picture looked so appealing, ... Read More »