Dairy Free Cream Puffs #GayLeaMom

featured Cream Puffs

I’ve done a lot of baking over the years, but I’ve always been intimidated by fancy pastries. I can manage cookies, cakes and pies, but anything beyond that is beyond me! But after an adventure making campfire eclairs with my sister, using just a few ingredients, we thought we should adapt that to an oven recipe. We also decided to ... Read More »

Easy Chocolate Strawberry Hearts

featured chocolate-covered-strawberry-hearts

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and I’ve been trying to figure out what I should make for dinner & dessert – now that we’ve got two kids and less money, we’ll probably be staying at home for dinner. I admit – this is one of those Pinterest projects that I saw when I first got onto Pinterest and thought, “Wow! That ... Read More »

Sour Cream Apple Crisp Bars & KitchenAid Giveaway #GayLeaMom

Sour Cream Apple Crisp Bars

Our family has always loved apple crisp. And my 7-year old often tells me that the one thing that would make it better would be vanilla ice cream on top! Well, isn’t everything better with ice cream on top?!! We don’t often have ice cream in the house, so I thought I’d experiment with a way of getting that vanilla-y, ... Read More »

Kinda Like Clodhoppers Recipe (No-Bake Christmas Baking)

featured clodhoppers

I fell in love with Clodhoppers several years ago after I saw a documentary on TV about the family who made them. I hadn’t heard of them before, so before my next shift at Ira Lee’s, the sandwich & salad fast food joint in the mall that was my job for all four years through highschool, I picked up a ... Read More »

Boterkoek – Dutch Butter Cake #GayLeaMom

Boterkoek 7

 Being of Dutch background, I  enjoy traditional Dutch foods: pepernoten, speculaas, croquetten, boerenkoel, dropjes, and many others. I love sharing them with our children, and introducing them to different flavours (yes, a salty black licorice is  delicious!).  And so when I had a chance to share a recipe through the #GayLeaMom program, I wanted to choose a great Dutch recipe.  When you hear Gay ... Read More »

The 10 Best Christmas Desserts (great for any holidays!)

The 10 best mouth-watering, show-stopping Christmas Desserts

I know that Christmas is still a ways away (less than 3 months) but it’s always great to have some awesome go-to recipes. From dinner parties to family get-togethers, there’s always a good excuse to try a new dessert recipe! I have scoured the internet looking for mouth-watering, show-stopping treats.  Here are 10 of the best Christmas desserts out there! ... Read More »

Campfire Eclairs from Refrigerator Crescent Rolls

Campfire Eclairs

First: Yes, I know. This idea is absolutely AMAZING. And I can’t take credit for it in the least. I saw the post while I was stumbling one day and landed on The Bigler’s Best Belly Pleasers post for Campfire Eclairs. My first and only reaction was I need to make these, and I need to make them RIGHT NOW. Of ... Read More »

Mom’s Night In with Netflix #StreamTeam


You know how everyone always talks about a Girls Night Out? These days I’m finding that I am so exhausted at the end of the day that a night out sounds like way too much work! And so, Netflix to the rescue! Time for a Mom’s Night In! Tuck the kids into bed (hopefully they’ll stay there), send the husband out ... Read More »