The Secret to Restaurant Style French Toast

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One of my favourite meals to go out for is breakfast, because I love it in almost all of its (Western) incarnations. Waffles. French Toast. Nutella Stuffed French Toast. Crepes. Fruit Stuffed Crepes. Pancakes with Real Maple Syrup. Eggs Benedict. Eggs Florentine. Maple Griddle Breakfast Sandwiches. Bacon. Hungry Man’s Breakfast. How is a person to choose what to eat when everything on ... Read More »

Honey Cinnamon Paneer & Pear Crepes for Meatless Monday

Honey Cinnamon Paneer & Pear Crepes for Meatless Monday

I think that I’ve mentioned that I LOVE eating breakfast for dinner. And for breakfast. And lunch. Maybe even for snacks, too. Screw it. I could eat breakfast all day long, every single day.  I decided last week that crepes were going to feature on our Meatless Monday dinner recipe, but I also needed to work in some protein. I wanted ... Read More »

#MeatlessMonday: GF Basil Asparagus Savory Pancakes with Egg


Good afternoon & Happy Meatless Monday! This week, I made my Meatless Monday meal on Sunday, but it’ll taste just as good on a Monday – I promise you! Pancakes are often a breakfast meal, but I tossed in some veggies and herbs to make these savory pancakes a great & filling dinner! I made these with El Peto Gluten ... Read More »

Soft Pretzels

Featured Pretzels

(MR) So as you may have noticed, I’ve been out of comission lately, with a badly broken wrist (of course, my right hand!). My broken wrist and my son’s 3 teeth that got knocked out But I figured that I have  to do something – I’m getting pretty bored these days.  So I thought we’d try some soft pretzels.  I ... Read More »

Cinnamon Rolls


Who doesn’t love cinnamon rolls?  Warm gooey, covered in icing…. This is my mom’s recipe from years ago.  She used to make them for each of our teachers at Christmas time.  The teachers would joke that they would fail us just so they would get the cinnamon buns again next year! To make the dough, you can either use a ... Read More »

Yummy Apple Recipes


One of the many things that I love about fall is apples.  Eating, baking, picking.  There are so many apple orchards around us, so we watch the trees go into blossom in the spring, then develop the beautiful red apples.     Our boys have been eating “an apple a day” ever since they were small.  I also love using this apple ... Read More »