DIY Crib Sheet from a Flat Sheet


Materials I used: a flat, flannel, queen-sized sheet, cut to 70″x45″ (you can make two crib sheets out of 1 queen sheet!) four 14″ lengths of 1/4″ wide elastic thread scissors sewing machine  My husband and I use a duvet on our bed, so when I buy sheet sets, I never really have a use for the top flat sheet ... Read More »

Travel Toothbrush Holder Tutorial


The first time I saw this pin for a travel toothbrush holder, I thought it was a brilliant idea.   Every time we go somewhere, I find a plastic bag, throw everyone’s toothbrushes in it, and they all touch and share germs.  The bag gets all sticky and I throw it out after because it’s so dirty.  With this genius idea, each toothbrush gets ... Read More »

Reusable Wipes


We have been doing cloth diapers for the past 6.5 years, most times having 2 in diapers.  Someday, soon, we’ll be done.  When we first started, I wanted some sort of reusable wipes to go with the diapers.  The easiest, cheapest solution was to make my own.  I started with any old recieving blanket (this is a good time to ... Read More »