The Creative Bone

Paper Towel Rolls!


There are all kinds of paper towel/toilet paper roll crafts on Pinterest.  Some of them are pretty amazing.  I did this one quickly one afternoon with the boys for an easy gift.   When you cut the roll, you flatten it slightly and get this neat flower-petal shape.  I glued them together with white glue and clamped them with clothespins just ... Read More »

Pinecone Garland


Pinecone Garland found on Pinterest.  Too fancy for me! I’ve been (p)inspired this year by all of the pinecone crafts on Pinterest and I wanted to make a pinecone garland.  However, I didn’t really find the tutorial I was looking for – I wanted something simple and rustic.  I collected pinecones in November as they fell off of the trees, ... Read More »



One of the first things I pinned to my Christmas board was this beautiful picture of dangly stick stars.  Since then I’ve pinned a few more star ornaments made from twigs.  I think it’s such a simple, natural decoration, which I often prefer to the flashy store-bought ones. Thanks to our huge tree in our backyard, our boys colleceted piles ... Read More »

Snowman Fridge


So I thought I’d start this of with something quick, easy, cute and Christmas-y.  I saw this pin back in August, when I was hardly thinking about winter.  I thought it could be either cute, or tacky.  I decided it was cute enough to try with our kids yesterday, and they loved it.  The original post showed a side-by-side fridge, but ... Read More »