The Creative Bone

Christmas Lacing


We thought it would be fun to try lacing some Christmas mittens. Unfortunately we had broken the hole punch while building our catapults…oops.  I used a pencil to poke holes in these one, and then used a star-shape to punch the holes for my toddler.  The larger holes actually turned out to be easier for him to do the lacing. ... Read More »

Paint Chip Wreath


Paint chip projects seem to be a big trend on Pinterest too.  What I like about them is they are great for kids to work with. A 3 or 4 year old can practice fine motor skills by cutting along the white lines.  They can cut them in half, match the colours.  You can talk about different shades of the ... Read More »

Paper Towel Rolls!


There are all kinds of paper towel/toilet paper roll crafts on Pinterest.  Some of them are pretty amazing.  I did this one quickly one afternoon with the boys for an easy gift.   When you cut the roll, you flatten it slightly and get this neat flower-petal shape.  I glued them together with white glue and clamped them with clothespins just ... Read More »

Pinecone Garland


Pinecone Garland found on Pinterest.  Too fancy for me! I’ve been (p)inspired this year by all of the pinecone crafts on Pinterest and I wanted to make a pinecone garland.  However, I didn’t really find the tutorial I was looking for – I wanted something simple and rustic.  I collected pinecones in November as they fell off of the trees, ... Read More »



One of the first things I pinned to my Christmas board was this beautiful picture of dangly stick stars.  Since then I’ve pinned a few more star ornaments made from twigs.  I think it’s such a simple, natural decoration, which I often prefer to the flashy store-bought ones. Thanks to our huge tree in our backyard, our boys colleceted piles ... Read More »

Snowman Fridge


So I thought I’d start this of with something quick, easy, cute and Christmas-y.  I saw this pin back in August, when I was hardly thinking about winter.  I thought it could be either cute, or tacky.  I decided it was cute enough to try with our kids yesterday, and they loved it.  The original post showed a side-by-side fridge, but ... Read More »