Kid Crafts

Triangle Penguin


My 4-year old told me he wanted to make a penguin craft today.  “Let’s look on Pinterest!”  he told me!   We had fun admiring all the cute penguin pictures and crafts on there.  This one that we came across was so cute, and so very easy for the preschool age.  I drew the shapes, and he cut them out.  We talked ... Read More »

Paint Chip Heart


I’ve been loving all the paint chip crafts and ideas on Pinterest.  We did the Paint Chip Wreath at Christmas, and I loved how the different shades of green gave depth to the wreath.  We decided to do a Valentine’s craft with the same idea.  Another thing I like about paint chips is how kid-friendly they are.  Your child can easily ... Read More »

The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Every child loves the story of the Very Hungary Caterpillar, by Eric Carle.  Or, at least, I did, and all the children I’ve read stories with so far do!  I remember doing this craft when I was in Kindergarten – and it’s one that I do with the kids I babysit, too – it’s a great way to combine different ... Read More »

Veggie Tales Stained Glass


This was a fun craft we did, along the same lines as the Nativity Stained Glass.  I love doing the tissue paper stained glass on clear contact paper because you don’t get all that sticky mess from the white glue! We got the idea from this post at “I Can Teach My Child.” I had the boys cut strips of ... Read More »

Handprint Snowmen Ornaments

It’s been a tradition in our home to hang a new ornament each year for each of our kids with the intent to eventually pass the ornaments on to them when they have their own home/family. Traditionally I have been purchasing ornaments to some how commemorate their year/Christmas. My son’s first ornament for instance was a pair of blue porcelain ... Read More »

Nativity Stained Glass Craft


We’ve done stained glass projects before – a Veggie Tales one, and  I love the idea of using clear contact paper to stick the frame on, then putting the tissue paper right onto it.  We decided on a Nativity stained glass.  No mess with glue, and it looks great.  We ran out of contact paper to go on top, so ... Read More »

Lightbulb Snowman Ornament


I’ve seen a variety of lightbulb ornaments and projects, but I never really planned on doing any.  But the bulb burnt out on my desk lamp, and the glitter was just sitting there on the counter, so I thought I’d try.  First of all…if you have a dark burnt spot on the bulb, don’t try it…you can see the dark ... Read More »

Handprint Ornament


This week, my little guy and I made a birthday present for his daddy, but it would work great for Christmas gifts for grandparents, too!    I found the recipe here.  The salt dough was super easy to make, especially with a stand mixer to do all of the kneeding for me while I cleaned up my kitchen!  I rolled out ... Read More »

Paint Chip Wreath


Paint chip projects seem to be a big trend on Pinterest too.  What I like about them is they are great for kids to work with. A 3 or 4 year old can practice fine motor skills by cutting along the white lines.  They can cut them in half, match the colours.  You can talk about different shades of the ... Read More »

Paper Towel Rolls!


There are all kinds of paper towel/toilet paper roll crafts on Pinterest.  Some of them are pretty amazing.  I did this one quickly one afternoon with the boys for an easy gift.   When you cut the roll, you flatten it slightly and get this neat flower-petal shape.  I glued them together with white glue and clamped them with clothespins just ... Read More »