Kid Crafts

Clear Ornament Ideas for Christmas Decorating


MR – Last year on Pinterest, I saw all kids of clear ornament ideas.   I didn’t have any at the time, but I made it a point during boxing day sales to buy some of those clear Christmas balls at 75% off, costing me next-to-nothing.  I only got the clear plastic ones (not the glass) because I have four young ... Read More »

DIY Nativity Scenes – easy Christmas Crafts


As I was searching through my Christmas pins, I noticed that I had pinned a lot of Nativity scenes.  There are so many great ideas out there for making your own.  And since I tend to like the more simple, silhouette-style nativities, I was able to search out those simpler crafts.  I find that some of the store-bought ones are ... Read More »

DIY Serving Tray from CANDY!


Ok. So this DIY serving tray from candy was one of those things that I saw on Pinterest and thought, “No way.  There’s either a trick to it, or it’s a Pinterest Old Wives Tale.  It can’t be that easy!” Well, guess what?  It totally is.  I started out with instructions from this blog over here, and then headed out ... Read More »

Cotton Ball Snowman


This craft is about at the level of my little toddler – at 20 months old, he wants to do things, but doesn’t have the fine motor skills yet for cutting and precision (or anything remotely resembling precision) – I had to help him with the eyes, the nose, the mouth, and the buttons – but he sure loved touching ... Read More »

Christmas Activities For Little Hands


 Here are some of our favourite children’s activities for Christmas/winter. Snowman Fridge So simple, and yet so fun! Paint Chip Wreath Great for fine motor skills – cutting & gluing Christmas Lacing More fine motor skills practice Handprint Ornament Great gift to give! Lightbulb Snowman Ornament Homemade Crayons Children can make and give away as gifts. Nativity Stained Glass No ... Read More »

Potato Printing


My husband gets a lot of large packages couriered to our house in his line of work, and as he was cleaning up the packaging and the miles and miles of brown packing paper, I was reminded of an activity that my mom used to do with us a lot when we were little – printing!  My little guy’s hands ... Read More »

Spooky Feet


Last fall, I babysat two young elementary school kids on one of their P.D. days shortly before Hallowe’en.  They wanted to do something fun and crafty, but because we had also spent a lot of time playing outside, we didn’t have a lot of time left in the day for an elaborate craft!  They also wanted to make something ‘scary’ ... Read More »

‘Edible’ Finger Paint Made with Kool-Aid


First off, I put the quotation marks around the word Edible mostly because while it is non-toxic, it doesn’t taste very good, so it’s not really meant for consumption, unlike finger painting with jello pudding cups.  This is, however, without a doubt the best smelling finger paint that you’ll ever come across! My little H-man and I were looking for ... Read More »

Easter Egg Stained Glass

Easy Stained Glass Easter Eggs

After we did these Coffee Filter Easter Eggs, I saw this craft a few weeks back and thought it would be an easy, fun  activity.  It looked simple enough that we just used the image as an inspiration for our own creations. I love doing stained glass with clear contact paper, because there’s no glue, and virtually no mess. We did these ... Read More »

Coffee Filter Easter Eggs

Coffee Filter Easter Eggs

I saw  this pin a few weeks ago for making easter eggs with coffee filters, and I thought it was pretty cute.  We’ve already made snowflakes and butterflies with coffee filters, but I thought we’d try these. I had a house full of boys for the day (aged 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1) and this craft was great for ... Read More »