Kid Crafts

MORE Christmas Crafts For Little Hands


The closer we get to the Christmas season, the more our children want to participate in crafts, baking, and everything Christmas-related.  So I thought I’d go through and find some of our favourite activities from last year and put them together so we can access them easily.  There are some fun ones here! Felt Snowman - what better way to build ... Read More »

Creepy Halloween Chain Craft


I learned how to make these chains years ago when I worked at the library, and we needed to decorate for Halloween.  The other kind of loop paper chains get kind of boring after a while, and these ones look really neat.  They’re pretty easy to make, and would look great in a classroom or in your windows! All you ... Read More »

Pumpkin Craft with the Cutest Story!


This is a fun craft to do with children who are able to use scissors pretty well (ie. Grade 2 and up).  What I do is tell the story first with my paper, then have the children re-tell the story with me while making the craft.  Materials: Orange, black and green construction paper Scissors Glue Fold the paper in half, hold ... Read More »

Easy Preschool Pumpkin Crafts


Everything is turning up pumpkins in our house this week! Head over to to check out these crafts that we did & sent in guest blogs about! The first one is an egg carton pumpkin – check out the detailed but simple step-by-step instructions here! For preshoolers, make the pumpkin ahead of time, & let them paint it. For older ... Read More »

Cork Painting


Inspired by Formula Mom Mariah’s Fall Tree Cork Painting Craft, when Hendrik asked to do some painting this morning, we set about making a fall tree with corks and paint. I’m not the best artist, and the trickiest part was finding a simple drawing of a leafless tree.  I found a great printable over at Crayon Box Chronicles - funny enough, ... Read More »

Stained Glass Leaves


Inspired by Marya’s Stained Glass Nativity, we’ve done a lot of ‘stained glass’ crafts over the past year! They’re SO mess-free, and with the packets of pre-cut square tissue paper that Dollarama has started selling, they’re also SO quick – very little preparation! I like the look of the leaves best when we use black construction paper for the frame, ... Read More »

Back to School Art


This year will be my first year teaching art (and first year EVER in Grade 8).  I thought it might be fun to share some of the projects we do in our art class.  This one was an idea of a co-worker – she wants everyone in the school to do their hand and we can put them up in ... Read More »

Sugar Cone Christmas Tree


 Alright, so I saw a pin about making this tree last winter, and I promised myself that I’d do it with H this year.  A friend of his came over to play for a morning this week, and I thought that it would be the perfect activity – it’s a craft that adapts well enough for a 1.5 year old ... Read More »

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Crafts


 My husband has accused me of mild hoarding.  Why?  I can’t seem to put certain types of things into the recycling. So, as I’ve been pinning away this week, I’ve been on the look out for toilet paper roll Christmas crafts, since that stash has gotten to be fairly large.  There are So. Many. Ideas!  I thought I’d collect them all ... Read More »