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Cute & Easy Father’s Day Card

featured card

Full disclosure: I stole this easy Father’s Day Card idea from my cousin, who posted this card on Instagram for Mother’s Day. Thanks, Megan!! :)  It’s pretty straight forward, and it’s REALLY easy. If you’ve got one child, use both of their hands (same or different colour paint). If you’ve got multiples, everybody picks a different colour of paint, and ... Read More »

Easy Fathers’ Day Craft

Easy Father's Day Craft 3

This easy Father’s Day craft is so fun for the kids to make, and is really simple to make multiple copies (for grandparents also). Materials: 8.5 X 11 paper (cardstock or regular) Markers/crayons Camera Coloured cardstock or construction paper Clear contact paper 1. Write a letter from the child’s name, as big as possible, on separate pages. I can freehand draw ... Read More »

Easter Egg Crafts & Egg Hunts #KinderMom

Easy Stained Glass Easter Eggs

With the very anticipated arrival of spring comes bright colours and Easter crafts. The best kind of crafts are ones our boys can do themselves – even if they don’t look perfect. The first eggs we made were with coffee filters cut into egg shapes. They used washable markers to make designs on them.  Then the fun part. They took ... Read More »

Rainy Day Craft: “Tie-Dyed” Coffee Filter Umbrellas

Featured Umbrella

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Hamilton today, but the forecast is showing rain for the next couple days… so, after we were all back-yarded out for the day, we came in to make some umbrellas in preparation for the rainy days to come! I’ve been busy pinning a variety of crafts & activities to keep us busy when ... Read More »

Spring Tulip Craft


I’ve always loved tulips – so bright and cheery and spring-like.  And being of Dutch heritage, it’s a nice reminder of where our ancestors came from. So this spring tulip craft will brighten up any room, especially with this never-ending winter we seem to be experiencing!   Materials: clear contact paper bright coloured tissue paper cut into squares tulip template cut ... Read More »

Easy Spring Craft: Forsythia Branch

Featured Forsythia_Craft_1

While looking for a photo of my son from last spring, I bumped into this shot that I took of my Forsythia bush while sitting on the front porch swing with the kids last spring. My heart ached a little. I love winter. I really mean that. I love it! I love the snow, I love playing in the snow, and ... Read More »

Easy Christmas Craft for Little Hands: Paper Plate Wreath


I saw this craft on Pinterest last Christmas, but never had the appropriate paper plates in the house to do it. On one of my (many) trips to the dollar store this month, I picked up a pack of paper plates – 36 – for $1. That’s about right.   This craft works best if you’re using the really super ... Read More »

Simple Bird Feeder Craft


We made these on the weekend with my nephews, at our family’s Christmas celebration.  It was a fun, simple craft to bring along, and the kids could be as creative as they liked!   They made straight ones, candy canes, and wreaths!      They were fun to hang up in the trees too!  Now to see if the birds actually ... Read More »

Snowman Crafts


For some reason, our kids LOVE snowmen.  Drawing, building, reading about…they just love them!  So I thought I’d do a quick roundup of some of our favourite Snowmen crafts on Pinterest.  We’ll be busy building snowmen long before the snow is on the ground!! Snowman Puppets from The Chirping Moms – these are just adorable, and would be a lot ... Read More »