Kid Crafts

Braided Fleece Dog Toy


Our dog LOVES chewing apart stuffed animals. She always attacks them at the head, rips it open, and pulls the stuffing out the ear. Every. Single. Time. Kind of creepy.  At least it is good incentive for our boys to keep their favourite toys away in their bedroom!! We decided to try and make her some chewing toys, and see ... Read More »

DIY Stuffed Monster Toy


As much as I strongly dislike the clutter of stuffed animals, our boys have started collecting them. They have a few that have special meaning, from an aunt or a friend, and a few they have bought with their own hard-earned money.  So when we came across this little magazine clipping with monsters you could purchase from Etsy for $35, ... Read More »

Easy Preschool Christmas Crafts: Stained Glass Christmas Tree

featured Stained Glass Christmas Tree

I don’t know about you, but whenever I search for ‘easy preschool Christmas crafts’, I get hits that involve both GLUE and GLITTER – both of which are NOT allowed out of the drawers when there are FOUR 2 year olds in the house on babysitting days! Here’s one that fits the ‘easy to clean up’ bill for mom.  I ... Read More »

Penguin Craft and Movie #StreamTeam

Penguin craft for little hands

What a wonderful snowy afternoon! The kids spent a few hours outside enjoying the first real snowfall of the year. They were busy shoveling, sledding, and of course, throwing snowballs! We love celebrating the arrival of winter, and so we had a little hot chocolate/popcorn/movie party when they came in.  Since it is winter-y outside but not yet Christmas, we ... Read More »

Incredible Hulk Costume – DIY

Incredible Hulk Costume DIY

My 4-year old recently decided he wanted to have an Incredible Hulk Costume for Halloween! As I’m not a fan of buying entire costumes or spending a lot of money, we decided to make his own. How hard could it be?   As usual, we did a quick Pinterest search for some Incredible Hulk Costume inspiration (and ignored the “Hulk Hogan” costumes) ... Read More »

Mysteries & DIY Magnifying Glasses #StreamTeam

featured magnifying glass

Ah, October. We go straight from pumpkin pies, thankfulness, & warm fuzzies to jack’o'lanterns, frights, and spooky stories. Mysteries abound. I myself have gotten caught up in “MidSomer Murders” on Netflix, a British who-dunnit with a run of 15 series of 3-5 episodes each. It’s fantastic – it combines the picturesque English countryside & idyllic small towns with multiple murders ... Read More »

Lego Figure Cape from Duct Tape

Lego Batman Cape

Growing up, I always made clothes for my dolls and Barbies. I loved creating accessories for them, and I imagined that one day I would do the same with my own daughter. Fast forward a number of years to my life today with four busy boys! There are no dolls in our house and not as much crafting as I had ... Read More »

Easy Do It Yarrrself Pirate Crafts #StreamTeam

Featured Pirate_Ship_Craft

I’m not sure where my little guy found his love of pirates and ships. I don’t remember watching a lot of TV shows or movies about pirates, nor have I read him any pirate books. I suppose it’s possible that our Tall Ship adventures last summer fostered a love of ‘pirate’ ships, so he payed attention to whatever was on ... Read More »